Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Tuesday's with ... me!

I know it's supposed to be :
Tuesday's with LB

but, sometimes I find it's better when it's:

Tuesday's with me!  


I just wanted to take a moment and remind you all of my post about cutting my hair vs. cutting bangs ..
and just six short months later,
I finally decided.

{sorry! these are crappy self iPhone photos!}


::and after::

okay. okay. okay.
That's not really me.

But, that IS what I felt like.
This is my new haircut, via crappy self iPhone photo:


15 inches.

and LB got a haircut too...
her very 1st one.
On Christmas Eve.
(if you plan on cutting your child's hair, maybe you shouldn't do it on a major holiday...)
{especially one where there are lots of photos to be taken..}




"uhhh... what just happened?"

A little crooked... but that's what she gets for not letting me put 'pretties' in her hair anymore!

*we did straighten it out - it looks much better now*


momnextdoor said...

I nearly peed my pants when I scrolled down and saw Justin Bieber! That was perfect!

Oh My Goodness! I love it!! It looks really nice and all grown up and stuff! Go you!

I recently hacked off my hair too and felt the same way. I don't regret doing it though and I hope you don't either. It really looks great!

And LB looks adorable no matter what. She can rock those crooked bangs!

Mrs. W. said...

I love your hair!!! I'm growing mine out for Locks of Love right now and it's driving me crazy, I can't wait to chop it off! I love your new short 'do!

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