Thursday, May 26, 2011

How DARE They?!

So, as we all know... yesterday was Oprah's LAST SHOW EVAAHHH!!!!
I had my DVR set just in case I got too busy around 4 o'clock to watch it....
Channel 11... the channel that hosts the Oprah Winfrey Show....
had the gall to NOT air Oprah's LAST SHOW EVAAAHHH!!!!   Can you believe it?!
What did they show instead????
The weather.
Apparently, they felt that the golf ball size hail (and larger!) and threats of tornadoes were MORE IMPORTANT than Oprah's LAST SHOW EVAAHHH!!!!  I wonder what Oprah will think when she hears of this?  They'll probably all lose their jobs.
The weather people (all 3 of them!) were apologizing for not showing Oprah's LAST SHOW EVAAHHHH!!! but they thought that keeping everyone informed of the weather was more appropriate.... NEWS FLASH! Oprah probably CAUSED the storms because you refused to play it!
So, instead of watching Oprah's LAST SHOW EVAAHHH!!!! yesterday, it will be airing today.

Anyways... In other news....  I have to get my wisdom teeth removed.
I had my consult today... I need to have all four removed because they're impacted. They rate the difficulty of removing them (and the pain and swelling that go with it) on a scale from 1 to 6. And LUCKY ME! I have 2 at a 6!!! (Dr. Brian didn't tell me what my other 2 would be...)
NOT looking forward to June 28th.....
(I wonder if the Rapture will come before then?)
I know the rapture is old news,
but I wanted to share what I did
the day after: I called my parents
and played Blondie's 'Rapture',
and told the that they've been
'Raptured'..... I know, I'm not
going to a good place when it
comes.           *smile*

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Wednesday Loves

This morning I  LB and I were watching The Hub as I  we always do....  It's a network geared for the children, but you don't need to have a child to watch it..LB's usually sleeping when it's on... and in the mornings they have Hub Bub, which is geared for preschoolers. Our favorite show, In the Night Garden was on... LB L-O-V-E loves this show! I think she tries to crawl into the tv to hang out with Makka Pakka when it's on!
But, this is NOT what I'm loving today...
 What I'm loving today IS.... 
The commercial I saw DURING Fraggle Rock (YES!!!  I'm telling you! This is the best network!)...
Coming to The Hub Network
and a 6 episode marathon on Saturday, starting at 2p (already set my DVR)

File:Jem Holograms logo.jpg

Jem and the Holograms!

Today is Oprah's (say in Oprah voice:) Last Show EVAAHHH!!!!
I'm glad I'll be a part of this momentous event....

What are you loving?

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Just Some Small Talk about bug slaying

Last night, we were hanging out watching House, after LB was asleep... When we heard this *click* *click* *click*.... What in the world??
We had a bug flying into our lights.. Ugh!  My sister's over and we have bugs.
So, I get the fly swatter for Jerk Face to show this bug a little rapture..
 (P.S. Did you know that the new Doomsday is October 21st?  If that 70 year old guy keeps up this guessing game, he's bound to get it correct sometime, right?)
Jerk Face has to be the murderer because I'm too short to swat it.
 (Hahaha! Jerk Face is my personal Swat Team) So! Jerk Face.... He... he?... He's not a fan of bugs... especially the flying kind. I'm not sure if he thinks that  they will retaliate by transforming into super huge bugs and eat his face off? He sort of does this jumpy, scared little dance when he swats at the bugs... and after he swats, he jumps back to defend himself against the face eater...
That is what happened to that bug last night... He swatted it, jumped back to defend himself, but it was gone! I went over to help him find it.. I opened a door that opens up to the outside.. and I saw a spider.. I told Jerk Face to kill it, and he almost squealed  hit it so hard I thought LB was going to wake up!

Jerk Face: "It was crouched up in a jumping position!"

Which is why he had to smack it so hard the house shook!
We still didn't find the flying bug..  and we gave up the search... I'm actually a little surprised that Jerk Face was willing to continue the night not knowing whether or not the bug was dead...

      KSK: "Did you kill it?"

      Jerk Face: "I don't know. I hit it..."

      KSK: "You didn't kill it?"

      Jerk Face: "Yes I did... or at least I severely gimped it."

We went back to watching House (and I went back to reading all of your blogs), when I saw the Minja attacking something.  He had found the flying bug on the ground... Jerk Face HAD severely gimped it! I went over and flicked it outside...  And that's the end of that little guy!

Who's the bug slayer in your house?

Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Rapture Eluded

I don't know about you, but my family survived the rapture....
It was a close call, but we came out unscathed.

Around 3 o'clock, my husband was on a business call (I know! The world's ending, but he's working! That's dedication, my friends.) and was talking to some Malaysia folk.. and it was after 6 there... so, we had a pretty good idea what the outcome would be.....

Unfortunately, I put off doing some laundry and other housework in preparation for the event... *scowl* Now I have to catch back up.

I feel a little guilty that I allowed LB and Mojo to get wasted on our supposed Last Day.  I mean, we had a good time, but I can't allow that to happen again! At least not until December 21, 2012... 

Ugh. So, today, while LB and Mojo are fighting hangovers, Jerk Face and I are trying to tackle some yard work. Redefining plant beds... ripping out more trees... trimming the neighbors ginormous pine tree that is always creeping into our yard..  Maybe we'll mulch next weekend?

What did you put off doing because of the rapture?

Saturday, May 21, 2011

It was a sad morning when...

Saturday Morning Scene

While making himself some coffee this morning....
Jerk Face pressed the brew button....
but forgot to put the mug under the dispenser!

Unfortunately, I was too late with the camera to get the clean up..


but I DID get him to show you how he felt about the whole ordeal:

Such a sad Jerk Face!

(Don't worry, he made another cup.... successfully!)


P.S. Happy End of the World Day!
(If Jerk Face's morning is any indication.....)

Friday, May 20, 2011

Food isn't plural!

So.... I thought I would post a few of the things that I do that drive Jerk Face nuts!
  FUN!   ...right?

Thing number one... he says I say 'So' a lot...  
So -So suck your toe,
 all the way to Mexico..  
When your there cut your hair 
and don't forget to change your dirty underwear!

One absolute and MAJOR thing is all of my intentional mispronouncing of words...
I like to say words in the way that they're spelled.
Example: Buffet. Not 'buff-ay.'  'Buff-ET." I LOVE this one.. it makes Jerk Face cringe a bit :)
Also, when I'm getting Mojo more food and water, I tell him that I'm getting him 'fresh foods, fresh waters.' To which Jerk Face reminds me that food and water aren't plural.  *mischievous smile*

The bathroom. I have this habit of putting my pajamas on the counter... okay... on HIS SIDE of the counter...  but really, why would I put them on MY side? They'd be in my way!

Magazines... He can't handle them!!! I've narrowed them down to Allure, Self, and Shape. My Grandma (Hi Grandma!)  subscribed me to Taste of Home.. and somehow(?) I started getting Parents...  (Sorry Jerk Face! He didn't know about that one!)

Incoming Mail. This is different than magazines...  I love receiving mail.. even though it's mostly junk mail... I must be on some sort of 'this lady gives to charities' list, because I seriously get something from at least one charity a month... And I like to open all of my mail and look at it... even if I know I'm just going to throw it away....

Outgoing Mail.  (yes.. I suppose I could've just wrote 'mail in general', but I thought I'd break it down for you!)  I do not lick envelopes.  I do NOT want to cut my tongue and then it get infested with roach eggs and have them hatch in my mouth!  *shudder* That is just NOT going to happen to me!  ..So, I make Jerk Face lick the envelopes....  It's okay with me if he has roaches crawling around in his mouth (however, I will probably have to leave him!).

Apparently, I also sleep wrong.  Jerk Face gets up before me, so I have the bed to myself for an hour or two in the mornings... and perhaps I take advantage... Rolling around, messing up all of the covers.. and no, I do not make the bed every morning.. or any morning, really... (I know, NOT very housewife of me... Shhh! Don't tell anyone!)  And then, every night, Jerk Face is all like "What do you do?!".... uh.. sleep, Jerk Face, I sleep. *sheesh*

That's all I can think of right now (but I hear about new ones often)... I don't think that's TOO bad.... right?
What do you do that drives that special person in your life crazy?

Thursday, May 19, 2011

I think she may be an evil genius...

Who wants to know what my very special little turdlette did with her brand new teeth???

I was in the kitchen, unloading the dishwasher (I know, how very housewife of me!), when I heard this... grinding? noise..  I just figured it was LB playing with some toy and scooting it across the floor or something...  I don't feel then need to check on every little noise that she makes, unlike a certain Jerk Face that we all know and love! so I finished loading the dishwasher (it didn't take me very long.. I wasn't neglecting my child this time).

When I went in to see what was going on...
I found this:

That turdy little baby is GNAWING on my chair!!!  I couldn't believe it! And of course, when I told her 'No!', she just smiled like she was doing the greatest thing!
*Of course, she may be thinking that she's doing something great... if she destroys this chair, she'll have a better chance of catching herself a Minja... because it's part of the bridge we built so he can safely cross the baby gate... I have a baby genius... even if she uses her intellect for evil!

I'll keep her locked up for now... I've got to make sure she'll do MY bidding with her genius super brain of evil! Doesn't she just LOOK diabolical?!
P.S. She may have a super brain, but not a super sense of observation... That's a Minja right behind her in this photo!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Wednesday Loves

My loves for this week include:

Jarhead Red
It's the wine that our friends brought with them when they visited this past Saturday.
The guys who make it is are veterans and all of the proceeds go to Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation...
<for more info go to:>
Jerk Face and I went to the Andersons, which has a pretty big wine selection, and they carried it! We bought two bottles, it's good wine for a good cause, and it made me feel good too! :)


The New Jersey Housewives!!!! Did you watch it? I didn't yet... I just saw some previews and HOLY CAT FIGHT!!!!   I hope I can watch it tonight... (That means you have to go to bed at a regular time, LB!!!)

Oprah Winfrey
And I'm loving Oprah... who knew? (well, we are kindred spirits... we were both born on January 29th.. so, we are basically the same as sisters...) *confession time* I was never big into Oprah... I'd rather watch Ellen... but I thought that since this was her final season, I should jump on the bandwagon before it's too late! I still don't watch EVERY show... Some of them are just like... 'eh.'
I think the commercials are really good... I like the one that shows the good-byes of some really iconic shows, and then asks 'Where will you be?' (for Oprah's last show). They make me feel like I AM watching something very important... The end of an era, if you will... Gees, Oprah! You're pretty full of yourself! (and I can say that, because we're pretty much one in the same)

I'm also loving that my sister is doing some training close to where I live, so she'll be staying here tonight and tomorrow night (also a few days next week)...  So far I love it... we'll how I feel next week!  *wink* (just kidding J!)

What are you loving?

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

That's a sorry excuse...

Jerk Face and I are getting new windows... LB was born last July and it was so hot and miserable in her room, and then freezing cold in the winter months...  So.. it's time for some better windows....
I think we're going to go with Champion's double hung windows... It's a company that is based in Ohio, which I like... since I'm from the Buckeye State myself *go bucks!*... I went online to look for some reviews... but decided that I can't trust those because! the bad reviews could be plants from competing window people and the good reviews could be the Champion people themselves....  OY! So, I thought I would turn to you, my blogland buddies!
Do you, or do you know somebody, that has Champion windows? What do you think of them?

I know I've been a little MIA with my blogging... my dad noticed... He told me that he checked it a few times over the weekend and it's been the same (and that I would lose readers.. he was right, someone went away...) ... Sorry!

Here Are My Excuses:

  • LB is crawling with a new found quickness! It takes a lot to keep up with her...
  • Housework. yuck.
  • We had friends over Saturday. It was the first time we had people over for a 'partying atmosphere' since LB's been alive... It was super fun! It was a Marine buddy and his wife.. we BBQ'd ribs, drank wine and played the Wii... just like old times!
  • Champion window guy was here on Friday for like THREE HOURS!!!
  • I spent my free time catching up on all of your blogs... And there are a lot of them!
  • Catching up with our DVR'd programs... Modern Family marathon? Yes, please!
  • Getting my little herb garden together... I'm STILL working on this... Cross your fingers that I'll be able to actually grow and keep the plants alive! 
So there. Get off it! Gees!  *smile*

We went to Menards... (It's a home improvement store)
and for some reason, they are selling this ginormous folding chair... it has 6 cup holders in the arms...
It could easily accommodate a grizzly bear!
I was afraid to sit in it, because first of all, I would need Jerk Face's help to get into it, and then he would likely leave me there like some idiot sitting in the big chair.

That's an overview of what we've been up to... I'll get back to better posting soon... probably...

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Wednesday Loves

At 530a I knew what my post was going to be for WILW....

Last night... UGH! last night!....
We don't have LB on a schedule. I'm a SAHM (Stay at home mom - for some of my family that aren't hip to the lingo readers that might not know), so I didn't feel the need to put her on a schedule for my sake.... If she put herself on a schedule, that was A-OK...  That being said, she does usually go to bed around the 9 o'clock hour... and I rock her to sleep while feeding her a bottle... I MAY regret this in the future... but I'm banking on her falling asleep by herself for sure, by the time she's 10.
Anyways... back to last night...  She fell asleep after 1/2 a bottle.. (HOORAY!).. I put her in her crib, and she rolled onto her side! SO CUTE! It's something that she started doing about 2 weeks ago, and then when I decided to bring up a camera... she stopped - OF COURSE! ..Did I bring up a camera last night? NO! *frowny face*  One day, LB, one day...
So, I was back downstairs before 10, Jerk Face and I were able to watch one of our shows we DVR'd... (we've been getting really bad at that... we were at 100% yesterday, and lost one of our 'An Idiot Abroad' shows... ever watch that? HILARIOUS! ...and educational.. *wink*)
We went to bed around 10:30p... well, Jerk Face went to bed.. LB decided to wake up -- which is fine with me... better at 10:30p, than at 4:30a!  I rocked her back to sleep, went to put her in her crib... and she awoke.. ugh. ok LB. Rocked her again, but this time, she wasn't falling for it.. She was AWAKE and wanted to stay that way...
By 12:45a and an entire 8oz bottle later, I was back in my room, and trying to drift off into dream land. At 1:27a, my 'alarm' went off. How can this be?  I know she wasn't hungry - she just polished off 1 1/2 bottles, she had a fresh diaper, her two teeth had already broke through... She HAD to be tired... So, I went back in to see what was the matter.. I picked her up, when she promptly fell asleep.... OY! You Turd! I rocked her for good measure, and about 30 minutes later I was in bed again....
530a... That dang alarm!  I must of mumbled a few choice words... Jerk Face awoke this time, and BLESS HIS HEART! Told me to go back to sleep, he'll put her back to bed!  I could've cried! I was so tired!!!
Although, I couldn't sleep because he left on the monitor and kept it in our bedroom I felt guilty- he had to go to work and I didn't ... even though I knew that he was planning on getting up by 6a to go for a run anyways...
She went back to sleep, Jerk Face told me that he trapped Mojo on the other (litter) side of the baby gates -- so he couldn't go upstairs and scratch and meow at the doors (a favorite early morning past time of his..)-- then he went on his run... I woke up at 9:30a *HALLELUJAH* and LB slept until 10a!!! I had an entire 1/2 hour to myself!!!
So, this Wednesday?
This Wednesday I'm loving Jerk Face!!!
(..and that 1/2 hour by myself this morning!)

(and I'm loving this picture of him.. it's from his Marine days in NC - found it on my phone!)

What are you loving? Go Link Up!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

My Animal Companion is a little heavy...

Mojo, you're getting a little overweight.
Sorry Mojo! I wasn't trying to be mean about it! I'm just concerned for your health!
You're just not as agile as you once were....
I didn't see it at first.
 My family would make comments, but I didn't think it was that bad...
My eyes have been opened.
You can't jump as high as you once could... Remember when you fell while trying to jump onto the chair?
Yes, they are bar height... but, you didn't always have that problem... And I KNOW that you just didn't misjudge the distance...  You can't use that excuse any longer...

I blame myself.
I've been neglectful towards you...  We haven't played like we used to..
I keep your bowl of food full... and you take full advantage.

You can't jump over the baby gates... which is a huge problem because your litter box is on one side, while your food is on the other...  I have put a stool and chair up, so you have a 'bridge' of sorts! That's absurd! You're a cat! One of you best skills is jumping!

Well, sir! No more!
Sorry you guys had to witness that.
Sometimes you just have to use tough love.

We did change The Minja's food...

It's for weight control... and I think I know how it works.
We gradually mixed it into his current food... taking longer then the recommended four days...
Mojo has never puked so much!
It makes him bulimic!
I feel so terrible for him!
He pukes everywhere! Including our new couch!!!
(Thankfully, we got the fabric protection.. we just had to live with cat puke on our couch for a day.. eeew!)
We'll be switching again!

Enough about my fat cat.
Let me share with you something I heard on the local news this morning:

It was during their 'Strange but True' segment...
The new Journal of Animal Ethics apparently wants to change the way we address our pets.
Er, I mean 'animal companions'.... They consider 'pets' to be politically incorrect!!
And the animals you don't own... I mean, the animals for which you are not the human caregiver to... for example those rotten chipmunks that dig next to my house causing water to run into my basement... are not pests.. they are ....  .... 'free living'
*read the article here
I guess I've always called Mojo the Great White Minja my pet and told him that I own him... maybe THAT'S why he's been overeating....?

Monday, May 9, 2011

And what a week it was...

It's my first time linking up with Kim
...I'm a little late, but the beers were tasting good :) 

{The Zoo}
We started to fall off of the lion. He must've tried to get up or something.
We bought LB a hat to wear .. it was her first ever souvenir... She lost it in the first 15 minutes! Whoops!

 {LB's Mobile!}
Watch out Mojo! LB's on the move!

Now she can get into fun stuff!
...Like her dirty laundry...

Now that the mess has been made, she'll have to find a new place to make another one...
 {Bath Time}
LB has found out about splashing...

Our kitchen is flooded...
Yes, we still give her baths in the kitchen sink... I can't see filling up an enormous tub and waste a ton of water... However, I think we are going to move her back to the tub... she's getting pretty big!

LB's getting in two more teeth!
What is it with this child getting in multiple teeth at once?
Her first 'tooth' ended up being her first THREE teeth...
Poor little lady!
Is this normal?

Jerk Face is an enabler...

Jerk Face got me flowers and 'adult' cookies for Mother's Day!
And LB started to say 'Mama' ..and she wasn't even crying it! :)

How was your week?
Go Link Up!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

We're goin' to the zoo zoo zoo
You can come too too too....

Happy Mother's Day!!!

I'll be spending the day at the zoo!
Lions and Tigers and Bears! Oh My!

All Photos

Enjoy your day!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Photobooth Fun

Saturday Morning Scene

This Saturday Morning, I did my TRX, Jerk Face did some work, LB was cute (and a handful)

goofy picture time!

Jerk Face has an app on his iPad called Photobooth. It cracks me up!
What are you doing this Saturday?
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