Tuesday, May 17, 2011

That's a sorry excuse...

Jerk Face and I are getting new windows... LB was born last July and it was so hot and miserable in her room, and then freezing cold in the winter months...  So.. it's time for some better windows....
I think we're going to go with Champion's double hung windows... It's a company that is based in Ohio, which I like... since I'm from the Buckeye State myself *go bucks!*... I went online to look for some reviews... but decided that I can't trust those because! the bad reviews could be plants from competing window people and the good reviews could be the Champion people themselves....  OY! So, I thought I would turn to you, my blogland buddies!
Do you, or do you know somebody, that has Champion windows? What do you think of them?

I know I've been a little MIA with my blogging... my dad noticed... He told me that he checked it a few times over the weekend and it's been the same (and that I would lose readers.. he was right, someone went away...) ... Sorry!

Here Are My Excuses:

  • LB is crawling with a new found quickness! It takes a lot to keep up with her...
  • Housework. yuck.
  • We had friends over Saturday. It was the first time we had people over for a 'partying atmosphere' since LB's been alive... It was super fun! It was a Marine buddy and his wife.. we BBQ'd ribs, drank wine and played the Wii... just like old times!
  • Champion window guy was here on Friday for like THREE HOURS!!!
  • I spent my free time catching up on all of your blogs... And there are a lot of them!
  • Catching up with our DVR'd programs... Modern Family marathon? Yes, please!
  • Getting my little herb garden together... I'm STILL working on this... Cross your fingers that I'll be able to actually grow and keep the plants alive! 
So there. Get off it! Gees!  *smile*

We went to Menards... (It's a home improvement store)
and for some reason, they are selling this ginormous folding chair... it has 6 cup holders in the arms...
It could easily accommodate a grizzly bear!
I was afraid to sit in it, because first of all, I would need Jerk Face's help to get into it, and then he would likely leave me there like some idiot sitting in the big chair.

That's an overview of what we've been up to... I'll get back to better posting soon... probably...


WhisperingWriter said...

It's okay to be behind. I probably will, since we're moving and all.

I get the DVR thing. I have SO many shows I need to watch.

Renata said...

Hey lady, just doing some creeping after your comment on my blog.
I'd go with Marvin Windows and Doors, for many reasons. They are the largest made-to-order window manufacturer in the world, which means that your window is not just another in the pile, but it is THE window for you and jerk face alone. I have some emotional connections to this place, so i'm going to tell you that this factory sustains 4 entire towns' economies, their schools, scholarships, and the factory is like a family. So there is my little shpiel. Break out the heartbreak violins!

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