Thursday, May 26, 2011

How DARE They?!

So, as we all know... yesterday was Oprah's LAST SHOW EVAAHHH!!!!
I had my DVR set just in case I got too busy around 4 o'clock to watch it....
Channel 11... the channel that hosts the Oprah Winfrey Show....
had the gall to NOT air Oprah's LAST SHOW EVAAAHHH!!!!   Can you believe it?!
What did they show instead????
The weather.
Apparently, they felt that the golf ball size hail (and larger!) and threats of tornadoes were MORE IMPORTANT than Oprah's LAST SHOW EVAAHHH!!!!  I wonder what Oprah will think when she hears of this?  They'll probably all lose their jobs.
The weather people (all 3 of them!) were apologizing for not showing Oprah's LAST SHOW EVAAHHHH!!! but they thought that keeping everyone informed of the weather was more appropriate.... NEWS FLASH! Oprah probably CAUSED the storms because you refused to play it!
So, instead of watching Oprah's LAST SHOW EVAAHHH!!!! yesterday, it will be airing today.

Anyways... In other news....  I have to get my wisdom teeth removed.
I had my consult today... I need to have all four removed because they're impacted. They rate the difficulty of removing them (and the pain and swelling that go with it) on a scale from 1 to 6. And LUCKY ME! I have 2 at a 6!!! (Dr. Brian didn't tell me what my other 2 would be...)
NOT looking forward to June 28th.....
(I wonder if the Rapture will come before then?)
I know the rapture is old news,
but I wanted to share what I did
the day after: I called my parents
and played Blondie's 'Rapture',
and told the that they've been
'Raptured'..... I know, I'm not
going to a good place when it
comes.           *smile*


Steph said...

I need to get my wisdom teeth removed too. :( I have 6.... I think I never evolved and am part caveman. And I dont even want to talk about channel 11. They piss me off!

Emmy said...

I had all four removed my senior year and they were all impacted. It sucked that day but I was actually back to school the next day. Good luck

Raven said...

hey, there is always hulu :)

I had my wisdom removed years ago. It hurt like hell. I had dry sockets and had to go back so they could suck the puss out. It. was. horrihle.

hope you have a better experience than me :)

Shell said...

No Oprah? That's insane!

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

Ugh. Wisdom teeth? You poor dear!
Now, sorry about Oprah. Should I tell you I have never seen a full episode of her? Maybe not?

Anonymous said...

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