Tuesday, May 10, 2011

My Animal Companion is a little heavy...

Mojo, you're getting a little overweight.
Sorry Mojo! I wasn't trying to be mean about it! I'm just concerned for your health!
You're just not as agile as you once were....
I didn't see it at first.
 My family would make comments, but I didn't think it was that bad...
My eyes have been opened.
You can't jump as high as you once could... Remember when you fell while trying to jump onto the chair?
Yes, they are bar height... but, you didn't always have that problem... And I KNOW that you just didn't misjudge the distance...  You can't use that excuse any longer...

I blame myself.
I've been neglectful towards you...  We haven't played like we used to..
I keep your bowl of food full... and you take full advantage.

You can't jump over the baby gates... which is a huge problem because your litter box is on one side, while your food is on the other...  I have put a stool and chair up, so you have a 'bridge' of sorts! That's absurd! You're a cat! One of you best skills is jumping!

Well, sir! No more!
Sorry you guys had to witness that.
Sometimes you just have to use tough love.

We did change The Minja's food...

It's for weight control... and I think I know how it works.
We gradually mixed it into his current food... taking longer then the recommended four days...
Mojo has never puked so much!
It makes him bulimic!
I feel so terrible for him!
He pukes everywhere! Including our new couch!!!
(Thankfully, we got the fabric protection.. we just had to live with cat puke on our couch for a day.. eeew!)
We'll be switching again!

Enough about my fat cat.
Let me share with you something I heard on the local news this morning:

It was during their 'Strange but True' segment...
The new Journal of Animal Ethics apparently wants to change the way we address our pets.
Er, I mean 'animal companions'.... They consider 'pets' to be politically incorrect!!
And the animals you don't own... I mean, the animals for which you are not the human caregiver to... for example those rotten chipmunks that dig next to my house causing water to run into my basement... are not pests.. they are ....  .... 'free living'
*read the article here
I guess I've always called Mojo the Great White Minja my pet and told him that I own him... maybe THAT'S why he's been overeating....?


Mrs. W. said...

Awww your cat is so cute! Fat cats are the best, anyway. :)

And LOL about "animal copanions" and "free living!" I guess even the animals want us to be PC these days, eh?

Shell said...

Free living? Sheesh. Sometimes political correctness goes too far.

TriGirl said...

Aww, good thing your kitty's cute :) I like when local news isn't always about fear mongering, but what is the deal with that story? That's just ridiculous.

Steph said...

Omg Kellie... he is eating his sorrows away bc he is tired of feeling so OWNED. He is a companion. HOW DARE YOU!


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