Friday, May 20, 2011

Food isn't plural!

So.... I thought I would post a few of the things that I do that drive Jerk Face nuts!
  FUN!   ...right?

Thing number one... he says I say 'So' a lot...  
So -So suck your toe,
 all the way to Mexico..  
When your there cut your hair 
and don't forget to change your dirty underwear!

One absolute and MAJOR thing is all of my intentional mispronouncing of words...
I like to say words in the way that they're spelled.
Example: Buffet. Not 'buff-ay.'  'Buff-ET." I LOVE this one.. it makes Jerk Face cringe a bit :)
Also, when I'm getting Mojo more food and water, I tell him that I'm getting him 'fresh foods, fresh waters.' To which Jerk Face reminds me that food and water aren't plural.  *mischievous smile*

The bathroom. I have this habit of putting my pajamas on the counter... okay... on HIS SIDE of the counter...  but really, why would I put them on MY side? They'd be in my way!

Magazines... He can't handle them!!! I've narrowed them down to Allure, Self, and Shape. My Grandma (Hi Grandma!)  subscribed me to Taste of Home.. and somehow(?) I started getting Parents...  (Sorry Jerk Face! He didn't know about that one!)

Incoming Mail. This is different than magazines...  I love receiving mail.. even though it's mostly junk mail... I must be on some sort of 'this lady gives to charities' list, because I seriously get something from at least one charity a month... And I like to open all of my mail and look at it... even if I know I'm just going to throw it away....

Outgoing Mail.  (yes.. I suppose I could've just wrote 'mail in general', but I thought I'd break it down for you!)  I do not lick envelopes.  I do NOT want to cut my tongue and then it get infested with roach eggs and have them hatch in my mouth!  *shudder* That is just NOT going to happen to me!  ..So, I make Jerk Face lick the envelopes....  It's okay with me if he has roaches crawling around in his mouth (however, I will probably have to leave him!).

Apparently, I also sleep wrong.  Jerk Face gets up before me, so I have the bed to myself for an hour or two in the mornings... and perhaps I take advantage... Rolling around, messing up all of the covers.. and no, I do not make the bed every morning.. or any morning, really... (I know, NOT very housewife of me... Shhh! Don't tell anyone!)  And then, every night, Jerk Face is all like "What do you do?!".... uh.. sleep, Jerk Face, I sleep. *sheesh*

That's all I can think of right now (but I hear about new ones often)... I don't think that's TOO bad.... right?
What do you do that drives that special person in your life crazy?

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