Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Tuesday's With LB

The Paper Mama

My photo was chosen for the top 30! 
Which is pretty exciting, since there are SO many other great ones!
{Thank you Chelsea!}
If you guys have any spare time and would like to vote
<for any, but preferably mine #24>
please visit The Paper Mama!
Thank you in advance!

and now on to
Tuesday's with LB

LB. my conceited turd.
I have those 'repeat me' animal apps on my phone.
{the kitty, the other kitty, the puppy, the puppy and the kitty, the giraffe, the parrot, the robot, the blue blob thing.. only the free ones.. that's how I roll}
So, whenever she sees my phone, she wants needs to see 'kitty' or 'puppy'...
and then she gets super excited -- which this next video sort of showcases.
It's usually better than this.. but she saw I was recording her.. so she then felt the deep need to see herself.

This next video, is just me and LB playing the 'get you' game.
{...I'm pretty clever with titles...}
I just thought she was being cute, so I recorded her.. and of course, she saw that I was recording her...

This last video cracks me up.
I wish I started recording it earlier..
She was smelling her kitty for quite some time before I decided to take a video of it.

(and now I'm off to watch more videos of her, with her.)

Friday, December 16, 2011

What The Friday?!

The other day, I put LB down for her nap...
She was talking for awhile.
{I heard her in the monitor}
after 30 minutes, I decided that maybe I would go check on her...
somehow, the lid of her bottle had come off and she had dumped
what the friday?!

{at least she was having fun???}

Also, this week.
{was it the same day as the milk incident??}
I was making eggs for LB, and I put a little pepper on them...
When I went to get the pepper out, I dropped it.

(I did not use a cutting board and measuring cup for the eggs - fyi)

all over the floor and on her 'cleaning rag.'

LB and I were both sneezing quite a bit that day.
what the friday?!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Holiday Photo Challenge

Can you believe it's only 10 days until Christmas?
I thought I would be ready in time... but it kind of crept up on me!
I still have to send out Christmas cards!
{..and I'm still waiting for my Christmas photos to come in.. }
this one isn't it, but I kind of wish it were:

The Paper Mama

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Pinteresting Things I've Done

I've made quite a few dishes that I found on Pinterest recently.
I, unfortunately, did not take a photo of what mine looked like.... 
rest assured that the Pinterest photos look a thousand times better than what mine would've looked like!

::panko breaded baked zucchini sticks::
I thought these were REALLY good.
I didn't follow the directions exactly..
I didn't salt the zucchini and let it sit to rid it of excess liquid
{or whatever the reason is for salting}
I also didn't make the dip.
It looks amazing though.
{I didn't have a food processor when I made this... but I do now... so? perhaps the dip is in my future!}

::Cauliflower Pancakes::
I thought these were really good!
I didn't use  cayenne pepper in mine, but I put it in Jerk Faces.
He liked these as well.
I topped with a little more cheese.

::Pumpkin Lust Pie::
This was pretty good.
VERY easy to make.
It uses a seasonal pumpkin spice pudding.
{Who knew they made seasonal pudding??}

::Caramel Apple Cheesecake Bars::
Jerk Face liked these.
I just thought they were okay.
{maybe if I added more caramel??}

::Salted Caramel Shortbread::
You need a candy thermometer for these!
I was pretty disappointed with these.
Mine didn't look anything like the photo.
{Maybe because I didn't follow the directions, and I made the caramel too early, and had to re-melt it?}
My caramel to shortbread ratio was off.
It was more of a thin topping of caramel.
{And I couldn't find flaky salt anywhere...  
and by "anywhere," I mean that neither Kroger nor Meijer had it}

And now, on to the only crafty thing I did from Pinterest recently:


I fell in love with these burlap stockings:
They sell them on Etsy.
I got a sewing machine for Christmas last year, and I'm training to be a contestant on Project Runway.
{Look for me in 2022}
So I decided to tackle this project and make them myself.
I used a red felt for the lining, and the leftover burlap from my Pinteresting Basket project.
Then, I just added some Christmas glitz:

I even made one for Mojo:

And now for a little funny:

I am dedicating this pin to my parents.
They love Paula.
(who wouldn't?)

{all pins via }

::Linking up::


Tuesday's With LB

::didn't realize I didn't post this yesterday - - whoops!::

You may remember that about a month ago I wrote about taking advice from the Housewives and climbed into the crib with LB to get her to sleep? 
I'm happy (and sad) to report that about a week ago, she fell asleep on her own.
And has been ever since.
{with the exception of one nap where I had to climb in the crib with her again, but she was out within ten minutes.}
It's a little heartbreaking to leave her room, and have her standing in her crib saying:
 "mommeee! da-da! hello! hi hi hi! nigh nigh!"
And we shut the door..
It's golden.
but also?
A little sad.


.:photo time:.
LB has been walking around with her hands behind her back a lot lately:

And she always looks for Daddy and Mojo through this little door:

Monday, December 12, 2011

Fun with Jerk Face

I like to torture tease Jerk Face.
A lot.

The following video is what happens when he puts the grocery cart back in the corral.
{Because we do that... and you should to.}
...I locked the door and cracked the window...

::evil laugh::
I love it!

(At least I didn't make him say 'Steelers'.. THAT would be excruciating.)

Friday, December 9, 2011

what the friday?!

I'm Back
.:cue Eminem's "I'm Back" nanananananana music:.

I'm back and just in time for:

Me --  not doing blogging of any kind for a month?
what the friday?!

On Monday, I was putting Christmas wreaths up in our new windows, when the bottom one wouldn't stop falling down. 
(P.S. we have double hung, and I had them pulled in, so I could hang the wreath on the top one.)
And the bottom half of my window popped out of the frame.
The pin things broke and there's a part that slides up and down - and it was jammed in there diagonally.
I wish I took a photo, as my description is .... terrible.
I explained it to the Champion people over the phone.
{and the repair guy said that it was written like I had broken glass.. nope!  Just my expert descriptions!}
They sent someone out on Wednesday.
All day Monday, all day Tuesday and until 9:10 am on Wednesday, my window has been broken and hanging wide open.
In frigid temperatures.
Good thing it was on the 2nd story, so no robbers could get in!
what the friday?!
The bright side?
I have my wreaths up. 

Thank goodness for warranties!
The repair guy could get the window back on, but I can't use it.
what the friday?!
 He said he's never seen anything like it.
*the fact that the slide thingy didn't pop all the way out*
He'll be back again someday.
(HA! Kind of like Frosty the Snowman)
{T'is the season!}

The guy was SUPER nice though.
He told me that while he was fixing the window..
my wreath fell off!
what the friday?!
The whole reason I am in this mess!
He told me that he thought about sacrificing himself to save the wreath.
I'm not sure why he didn't.

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