Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Pinteresting Things I've Done

I've made quite a few dishes that I found on Pinterest recently.
I, unfortunately, did not take a photo of what mine looked like.... 
rest assured that the Pinterest photos look a thousand times better than what mine would've looked like!

::panko breaded baked zucchini sticks::
I thought these were REALLY good.
I didn't follow the directions exactly..
I didn't salt the zucchini and let it sit to rid it of excess liquid
{or whatever the reason is for salting}
I also didn't make the dip.
It looks amazing though.
{I didn't have a food processor when I made this... but I do now... so? perhaps the dip is in my future!}

::Cauliflower Pancakes::
I thought these were really good!
I didn't use  cayenne pepper in mine, but I put it in Jerk Faces.
He liked these as well.
I topped with a little more cheese.

::Pumpkin Lust Pie::
This was pretty good.
VERY easy to make.
It uses a seasonal pumpkin spice pudding.
{Who knew they made seasonal pudding??}

::Caramel Apple Cheesecake Bars::
Jerk Face liked these.
I just thought they were okay.
{maybe if I added more caramel??}

::Salted Caramel Shortbread::
You need a candy thermometer for these!
I was pretty disappointed with these.
Mine didn't look anything like the photo.
{Maybe because I didn't follow the directions, and I made the caramel too early, and had to re-melt it?}
My caramel to shortbread ratio was off.
It was more of a thin topping of caramel.
{And I couldn't find flaky salt anywhere...  
and by "anywhere," I mean that neither Kroger nor Meijer had it}

And now, on to the only crafty thing I did from Pinterest recently:

I fell in love with these burlap stockings:
They sell them on Etsy.
I got a sewing machine for Christmas last year, and I'm training to be a contestant on Project Runway.
{Look for me in 2022}
So I decided to tackle this project and make them myself.
I used a red felt for the lining, and the leftover burlap from my Pinteresting Basket project.
Then, I just added some Christmas glitz:

I even made one for Mojo:

And now for a little funny:

I am dedicating this pin to my parents.
They love Paula.
(who wouldn't?)

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Trish said...

mmm that food looks delicious!

Trish @ Tales from ... 

Shell said...

That zucchini looks amazing!

alyssa said...

i saw a similar recipe using cauliflower as a pizza crust for gluten-intolerant eaters like me! awesome post :)


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