Thursday, June 30, 2011

Just Some Small Talk about dancing...

I'm in the kitchen, dancing away...

KSK:  I can't stop dancing like an idiot!
Jerk Face: What other way would an idiot know how to dance?...
KSK: ...ouch....

* Just a reminder: I will be doing my What The Friday link up tomorrow! I think you should link up!  :)

Monday, June 27, 2011

Mingle 240

I wish I had a better post for Life of Meg's blog hop... Maybe next Monday... You guys should check it out!

Anyways, happy Monday everyone!  I just wanted to remind everyone that if I get 40 followers, I will have my very 1st giveaway!!!    woohoo!!

Speaking of giveaways, check out Michelle's from The Vintage Apple!!

Other than that, I don't have time for much else.... I've had a pretty busy weekend and am doing some blog catch up!
*This is an older picture of LB... I just came across it and couldn't resist putting it up*

Friday, June 24, 2011

What The Friday?!

Jerk Face had this idea for a link up. WTF.  What The Friday. He's so clever...  So I thought I would try it out as another link up... Don't make fun of my picture... Okay, you can. I'm so professional -- I made it by using Paint. 
Go Ahead, be in awe of my mad skills!

What the Friday? 
 I caught LB eating Mojo food and playing in his water bowl! I guess if that's the only way she eats...    

What the Friday? 
 This neighbor boy (anywhere from the age of 17-22?) has mobile scootered up and down my CUL DE SAC street for about the billionth time today... smoking cigarettes.  Get a job.  
Maybe I'm just jealous.... I miss those days... (I never smoked cigarettes, but the I miss the carelessness...)

What the Friday?
I couldn't remember if I ate supper last night... 
I was hungry... so I ate a yogurt at 11:30p, when I should've been sleeping. 
*Did I mention the Jerk Face has been out of town? 
My brain is fried. Thankfully, he gets home today, and I get some down time!

What the Friday? 
I accidentally ordered two aprons instead of one... What?! I'm trying to up my housewifeyness! 
Anyways... This could mean good news for you...
Do I hear a giveaway coming?
I'm thinking if I get 40 GFC followers...
or if I get sick of having an apron laying around my house....
I will have my very 1st giveaway!

How would YOU like to link up with ME
 Just copy and paste my gorgeous 
(and OBVIOUSLY worked on for more than 5 seconds)
'wtf' picture to your blog. And link back to me.
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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Thursday's Thoughts

On LB...

Monday-- LB really learned to pull herself up... and now she's standing however, wherever and whenever she can!
Get up, Stand up! Stand up for your rights! - Bob Marley

After a ... horrendous day on Tuesday (and Monday.. although, it wasn't as bad as Tuesday..) LB wouldn't eat, wouldn't sleep.. all she wants to do is dance! I mean stand.. She only wants to stand. (Now I have that Don Henley song in my head... she wants to party. she wants to get down. all she wants to do is dance....)
After finally falling asleep by 11p (I thought we were going to have some issues... i.e. bathing at midnight, awake until 1a, waking every hour, etc...), I got some real sleep! She only woke up one time at 4a! And then slept until 8:30a!!! That's the closest to heaven that I'll ever be (and I don't want to go home right now -- Goo Goo Dolls-- what's wrong with me? I'm finding a song in everything I write! Oh! Maybe it's because I had a pretty good night's sleep!)
So.. my thought is: The more she is deprived of food and sleep thoughout the day.. the more I sleep at night!
Maybe I'll see what locking her up in a cage will get me...

What are your thoughts?
(I'm also thinking about making this a link up... what do you think about that?)
*And don't make fun of my picture!  ;)

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Pinteresting Birthday

I've decided to do a new link up this Wednesday!

I'll be honest. I wasn't a big fan of the Pinterest... but I decided to use it as a tool to help me 'pin' down my ideas for LB's 1st birthday party. It was really helpful!  I know in the past I said I was thinking about Owls and Birds... but I think I've decided to go elsewhere.. sort of.
I'm still keeping birds involved, because I call her 'Tweets'.. and I just am... 
But I have been in a Lemon mood lately.  Seriously! Anything that says 'lemon'? Gimme!
So... My new 'theme':

 Yellow Lemons... Blue Birds... and a Splash of Pink

Here are some inspirations:

cookies and cups

Tiffany Blue Handcrafted Teak Bird Cage (16-1/2") $37

Google Image Result for

Tissue Rosette Kissing Balls | The Idea Room

photo source

And I'm thinking yellow tutu (and a party hat, of course!) for the cake photos?  Here's LB in the purple tutu I made for her "photo shoot":

(click here to see more photos of my turd in a tutu)

What do you think?
Jerk Face thinks I'm being ridiculous... which could be true.
We're not that fancy.
And there will be a total of  about 16 people at my house that day...
..and none of them will really care about the decor...
Oh well. It's MY PARTY! ... ahem... uh.. er, LB's Party, and I'll do what I want!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Awards and Winnings

Happy First Day of Summer!

Jessica Renee from You Are My Color gave me my very first blogger award!
I've seen some out and about in Blog Land, but I never expected to receive one!
So, Thank you Jessica!

The rules for the Sunshine Award are: 
1. Thank the person who gave you the award and link back to them.
2. Tell us something about yourself.
3. Nominate 10 other bloggers.
4. And let them know you awarded them!

Some things (if you're not family/friends) that you might not know about me are:
  • I'm a really shy person. If I met you in real life, I probably wouldn't talk to you... I probably come off as stuck up...
  • I also used to work for Estee Lauder at Dillards Department Store.  Remember that I just told you I'm pretty shy?  Terrible job for me! But I tried to get out of my comfort zone.  Problem is... I'm an AWFUL salesperson!  I couldn't sell a blanket to an Eskimo. 
  • This one is a little... out there.....  Remember that show Blossom? I remember seeing Joey (Whoa!) sleeping with on leg outside of the covers (and the rest of him covered)... and I always tried to sleep like that... I know... I am THE biggest dork on Earth!
(p.s. I tried to google a picture of the 'leg thing'... but couldn't find it... apparently it didn't play a very big part in anyone else's life! HA!  but I did find this Facebook page.)

Now I have to nominate some other bloggers... Can I get a drum roll please?.....

Two Awards in one post! Gees! I feel so loved!  *smiles*

They like me! They REALLY like me!

Some adorable blogs that I read?  Let me just name a few:

*I love all of the blogs I read... so it was very hard to choose!* 

And.. to top my day off... I won my first ever giveaway!!! Winner! Winner! Chicken Dinner!


Thanks Again Ladies!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Adventures in Sewing... Curtains: Mission Accomplished

Sew, (hahaha! Instead of "So" -- I kill me!) it took me a while to get the curtains finished.. I forgot that Jerk Face was starting school again last week. He's going online.. which is really nice that he's able to be home... however, it still leaves him little time to hang out with me and LB... which means little time for me to get my curtains finished.
But, alas! They are complete. And as Jerk Face so eloquently put it:
"I'm actually surprised. They look like curtains."
Gee... Thanks Jerk Face!  He went on to explain that he knew it was my first time sewing...  mmmhmm. sure. *smile*

Jerk Face was a big help.  This is what he did for Father's Day, by the way... watched the big golf tournament ... Looks riveting, no?

Actually, he did help me hang them.. it involved power tools.. I let him play 'man'... Only kidding, folks! He's quite capable of playing man without me 'letting' him!  *smile*

And LB is amazed!

I used a pink fabric.. which reminded me of the fancy restaurant napkins after I sewed up all the the edges... and then I overlaid it with a sheer fabric with flowers on it... Are you ready for your close-up, Mr. Demille?

And the final product. It's not a very good shot... the lighting in her room is awful.. just know that Jerk Face is impressed by my Project Runway skills. And quote:  "They look like curtains."

LB thinks they're okay. She'll see how tonight goes... if they keep the room dark enough, she'll keep 'em!

Friday, June 17, 2011

11 months

Oh LB! You are getting so big!
You are eleven months old today...  one month shy of being one year old!

You can say 'Mama', but you prefer to say 'Dada'...
When you 'release some vapors' (because you're a lady) -- You wave your hand and smile, saying 'Stinky!'
You can (sort of) sign 'done' when you're eating.. and you don't eat very well right now. (Driving Mommy and Daddy a little nuts...)
You love to drink water from your sippy cup after every meal. (Although, sometimes you spit it out.. I think you like the way it feels..
You still love the 'Kitty' and chase that poor Minja around the house, grabbing his tail whenever you can.
You love to dance and bounce  around.
You smile at every person you see, and if they don't pay attention to you, you will let them know you're there!
Everyone comments on how happy you are. Always smiling and waving!
You have 7 teeth and more are coming, I'm sure!
A favorite pastime of yours is picking things (usually Mojo's fur) off of the ground (and then put it into your mouth...)
You are beginning to pull yourself up to standing as often as you can. I'm sure you'll be 'couch cruising' soon!

Little girl, you are growing up so fast!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Windows and Weirdos

So.. This was SUPPOSED to be my "What I Love Wednesday" post... but it just didn't work out... (Dirty rotten LB.. always screwing things up with your anti-sleep-at-night behavior!)

Anyways... Yesterday, we got:

 Our new windows!!!!

I know they stand out, but we are planning to get the houses trim painted.. ..I REALLY hope it turns out okay...

The two guys installing them were here from 8:30a until 12:30p...
LB and I were playing in the living room and Jerk Face was working from home (I don't like to be home by myself with strangers invading my space... I have stranger danger)
Like I said, LB... who can crawl... and I were playing in the living room... One of the guys left this on our living room floor:

Do you know what that is? An electric saw.  It's a pretty good thing that I pay attention in front of other people  to what LB's doing... she just may have sawed off her arms. Pay no attention to the black cord coming from the chair to the couch... It may be my laptop cord....

Another weird thing?  One of  the guys (or perhaps both?) knew where our bathroomS were.. without asking!  ...CREEPY!  
To be fair... The upstairs bathroom door could have been open (we keep our bathroom doors shut to keep out the Minja.. and soon LB).. but he just went into the downstairs one -- without knocking or asking if that was our bathroom...  Jerk Face and I just looked at each other like: "...??? huh?..."
Is that just me? Or do you think that's weird too?

Monday, June 13, 2011

Adventures in Sewing... Curtains: Day One

I did it.
I busted out the the sewing machine. I am now well on my way to being a contestant on Project Runway.
I never really sewed before.. except by hand.
My latest was LB's Halloween costume:

On Sunday, we took a trip to JoAnn's Fabric. I bought 6 different types of fabric.. 2 types for LB's room, 1 for our spare bedroom, and then some tulle. (Can you say 'happy birthday tutu'?)

Fabric? Check.
Sewing Machine? Get out of basement. Still in unopened box.
Try to read 'quick' instructions.
There were instructions for 'Upper Threading' and 'Preparing the Bobbin Thread'...
Well, I didn't have a bobbin, so I decided to do the upper threading....
About 30 minutes later, I successfully upper threaded the machine.
Then I went into the instruction booklet (not to be confused with the 'quick' instructions), and it said something about how I had to pull the lower thread and upper thread... Wait. What 'lower thread'?
So... I googled "Do I need a bobbin when using a sewing machine?"  The answer was clear: Yes, you stupid idiot.
Oh.. Well, I don't have a bobbin. What IS a bobbin?

Maybe at this point I should stop.
Just to inform you that in high school, I put off Home Economics for my senior year.. I wanted fun classes for my last year...  And as luck would have it, our Home Economics teacher resigned at the end of my junior year, and they never replaced her.  I never got to sew a pillow or shorts or stuffed animals or anything. I didn't get to cook or whatever else you do in that class.  (That would probably have been a good class for a future homemaker to take? See Jerk Face? It's not my fault!)

Back to the story at hand.
The bobbin. I found a little pouch of sewing machine goodies hidden in a compartment (that you can take off to sew something like a sleeve! GENIUS!).. So I threaded the bobbin, and then found out how to properly install it... which is where I found another bobbin.... You got me, sewing machine! You got me!

Now we're all threaded and ready to go. I pin my fabric... using my tomato pin cushion thingy that I ALSO got from Santa.. and I start sewing.
Whoa! It just takes the fabric like that's its job! I don't even need to hold it! Wait! Yes I do... as I rip out a few stitches...  
I decide I'm pretty good... I get a little cocky.

KSK: Hey Jerk Face! You know that movie, The Sound of Music?
Jerk Face: Yeah...?
KSK: I could be making the curtains that someone will make into a dress!
Jerk Face: *sighs*

I folded in and sewed all of the edges on two panels of fabric. And now I'm going to fold them in half (because I want them to make her room as dark as possible)...  And that's where I realize that I am an idiot. Again....
Because, I think I should've folded it in half and sewed it (inside out) first... now I have two gigantic panels with the edges sewed in...
Jerk Face (who TOOK home economics) laughed at me.  Hmph!
So that's where I'm at right now. 
I think I'm just going to go with it. I thought about ripping out the seams and starting over, but...? Nah!
As Tim Gunn says: "Make it work."

The King of Curtains

Okay.... So remember how I told you that we have yet to put up curtains in LB's room?  Well.... we still haven't... I know, parent fail.  The issue is: I want to make the curtains and Jerk Face? Well, Jerk Face is being a jerk face. Santa brought me a (Project Runway Edition- fancy, right?) sewing machine for Christmas and it's still in the box... I've been stitching to get it out and try it! (See what I did there? I used 'stitching' instead of 'itching', pretty clever, huh?)

I want you all to know that we DO IN FACT, have some "window coverings" in LB's room... I think it's hilarious (maybe a wee bit creepy...) and Jerk Face feels bad for our neighbors... something about 'dropping property values'...?
{FYI- We DO have the worst house on the cul de sac. Our priorities just aren't focused on the OUTSIDE of our house right now.. but we're trying to fix it: new windows, paint, blacktop, weed killer, trimming, new mulch, etc.}
(Nevermind the overgrown bushes, we haven't trimmed them yet-- yard work is a process!) 
Do you see the top right window? That's LB's.
What? You can't see what's in the window?  They're some old beach towels...
Let me give  you a closer look:

A bright (an ever so slightly gaudy) orange polka dotted one...
and who's that you ask?
Why, it's The King of Rock n Roll!
Elvis Presley 
...he is alive and living in my daughter's room... creepy?
Even creepier? He glares at you as you enter her room.. Watches as I rock her to sleep...  He stares at her while she sleeps...

I told LB that Elvis is her guardian angel... 
Maybe it's a little less creepy that way?

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Saturday Morning Attack

It feels like forever since I last linked up with Katie for:

I went to my TRX class this morning... it's less than a 10 minute walk from my house, and usually nobody is out and about that early (9am... c'mon people!?!! Is everyone in town hungover except me?)
But today, some strange things occurred.

First, my iPod didn't work! It turned on but was locked on the main screen. Ugh! Now I have to walk to class and listen to nature?!
I DID keep my ear buds in... I didn't want to look like a weirdo carrying around my iPod and not using it... and to deter anyone from trying to talk to me.. 
(p.s. I found myself singing "1, 2 buckle my shoe....")
(p.s.s. As soon as I got home, Jerk Face got it to work! Go figure!)

Secondly, I came across a guy and two girls talking outside...  One of the girls was wearing a towel on her head... and I don't mean the kind of cultural towel used in some ethnicities... weird, right?

And finally this morning... I was nearly attacked.
Yes, folks. Attacked.
Not by some creepy guy or girl (I'm not sexist)...
Not by a human at all...
but by a DEER!  (a doe, actually...I'm a certified Junior Ranger; I know my animals)
I drew a diagram for Jerk Face, so I will share it with you:

The arrow in front of the deer (you can tell it's a deer, because it's labeled...) is where the deer ran, thankfully she stopped charging me, but I was a little scared... I've seen how animals behave in towns... They're just not very proper.
So many things were running through my head, like:

  • I think I could take it, I've been doing TRX for a few months now...
  • I don't want to end up on an episode of 'When Animals Attack'
  • Should I just curl up into the fetal position and cry?
  • I wish I had an iPhone, this would be a great Saturday Morning Scene for my blog! (and I would have music!.. although, if I had my music, I don't know if I would notice mother nature racing towards me!)

So that was my morning scene! What was yours? Go link up!

We're off to go garage sale-ing and a graduation party, but I'll leave you with this:

LB and her piggy bank
Just being cute

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Wednesday Loves

I can't believe I forgot it was Wednesday!

Today I'm loving:
For the full story on my new Pandora bracelet... check out my last post

That's all this week! I'll try to better next time :)

Just Some Small Talk about my gift

Something weird happened yesterday...
Jerk Face came home from work, I was playing with LB.. usually she's napping when he gets home.... but that's not the weird part...
The weird part was that Jerk Face came home with a package.
A pretty silver package with a big gold bow.

Jerk Face: Um... I got you something...
KSK:  What's this?
Jerk Face: You'll learn to love it.  It's something that will grow with you.

(What the heck does THAT mean? It reminded me of his proposal:
"I have something for you, but you can only have it if you say 'yes'.."
Romantic, no?)

Jerk Face: I just felt like an ass because I  didn't get you anything for Mother's Day or our anniversary..
KSK: I didn't get you anything for our anniversary either... We went to dinner and a movie... We got your truck 4 new tires... we're getting new windows, house painted, driveway re-paved!! And I thought you wanted me to pick something out for Mother's Day.....
Jerk Face: ...I forgot about that. It was kind of an impulse buy. You've been working so hard...

(If you're giving presents for hard work, why didn't I get a 'push present' sir?)

KSK: LB, I think your dad is having an affair...
(I don't really think that... but I would be super pissed.)

I opened it, and it was one of those Pandora charm bracelets...

Jerk Face: I kind of remember you saying something about how you didn't like charm bracelets...
KSK: (HA! silent for a bit) Yeah... I did say that...
Jerk Face: You can take it back, if you want to...
KSK: No, no... I'll see if it grows on me.. or whatever you said...

I do like it...
however, I have furry chewbacca arms... In 1st grade, at our Christmas recital, a fellow classmate... MATT V. called me a 'bear'... and I cried and cried.... since then, I have found a love for my fuzzy arms, and had taken some weird pride in the fact that my arms were hairier than my brothers... I'm sick.
anyways, I have furry arms, and the bracelet keeps yanking out my little hairs... It's really painful!

Also, Jerk Face gave me a little booklet filled with other Pandora charms in it.. and I just get to circle the ones I like...  There are some really nice $845 beads! Holy Crap! 845 Dollars for a BEAD!  I'm circling that one!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

An Anniversary Date

what did we do for our anniversary?
Let me just tell you that LAST year (our 5th, if you can't do the math), I WANTED to go to Chicago... but I was big and fat and pregnant ....and Jerk Face wanted to save money and finish getting the house ready for the Chimi.  I caved, I figured that would be the more sensible thing to do... plus, if I was going to go to Chicago, I would want to enjoy some drinking.. and most people look down upon women who are 8 months pregnant getting their drunk on...
This year? We did not go to Chicago.
BUT! The In-laws came over to watch LB (Thanks J & V!!!) and we went to a pizza place:
I recommend it! It took 45 minutes to make the deep dish style... TOTALLY worth the wait! The crust was AMAZING! Flaky and delicious.. almost like a chicken pot pie crust...
We ordered a small and had 1/2 the pizza left over!
Jerk Face and I have 'Pizza Fridays,' and I have declared that this is our new favorite...  (Jerk Face doesn't get a vote...)

After the pizza, I could've went home and been a happy girl... but, we also were able to go see a movie!
We haven't went to the theater and watched a movie since I was pregnant... and it was a Jerk Face movie.. so this time we were not going to watch Thor. I had heard so many great things about the Bridesmaids movie, we went and watched that...  so funny! We both laughed out loud :)

It was nice to get out for a bit and pretend to belong in the land of the living!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Where did those Z's go?

My darling, beautiful, extraordinary little sweet pea... is being a nightmare.
not a nightmare...  That conveys that there is actual sleeping.
A terror, then.

She has been waking up every hour throughout the night.  Yes. Every.Hour.
I don't know what's happening.  I feed her the sacred fart juice before bed... I rock her like every other night, and have even rocked her longer the past few nights-trying to ensure a deep sleep. I wait for her steady breathing to begin, and for her little mouth to fall open... Then I use my super ninja skills and agilely get up from the rocker to lay her down... Wait! Her arm just moved! Eep! I'd better rock her a little longer...
Finally, I put her down in the crib, and she rolls to her side.
I sneak out of the room... creep downstairs. Jerk Face and I talk in whispers... We're afraid.
We try to watch an episode of How I Met Your Mother (we're 5 episodes behind...), and I try to catch up on your blogs.
It's been all of 15 minutes when the cries come.
I grab a bottle and head back upstairs. The dear little angel turd is sitting up in her crib, sobbing. She sees me and smiles. What a butt face. I try to just lay her down and give her the bottle... it worked once... now, it's just wishful thinking.  So, I rock her again. She falls asleep easily...  maybe too easily. I lay her down.
Jerk Face and I never finish watching How I Met Your Mother, I never read your blogs. I'm tired, we go to bed.
It's been an hour when the cries start...

A few nights ago, after she wouldn't sleep for hours.. I gave her a bath about 12:30a... Didn't really help. I made her room completely dark... didn't help. I brought her downstairs and we watched an episode of In the Night Garden... I put on her teething necklace, and she was out within 15 minutes... and slept until 4:30a.

So, now I have the teething necklace on her... but maybe it doesn't work? Jerk Face helps me give her the teething drops...  I rock her back to sleep, she finished the bottle, so I go downstairs to make her another one...
I just finished making the bottle, gave Mojo some pets... and then? I hear crying. Already?
Back to her room. My little love bug is waiting for me. I pick her up, give her the bottle once again, and once again, she falls asleep quickly.
I go to sleep.. wondering how much I'll get this time...
It was an hour...or was it 2 this time? I lose count. It's been night after night after night of this.
I ask Jerk Face if he remembers when this started... he says it's been at least a month.  Maybe I'm delusional, but I don't think it's been THIS bad for a month.  Sure, she'll have a night or two like this, and then sleep well again (although NEVER the whole night through, like she did only a few months ago)... This? This is bad. This makes me want to throw her out the window. It's right there in her room, I could if I really wanted to.

I miss sleep. We used to be best friends... but LB is driving a wedge between us.

*editor's note:
I meant to post this on Friday... Things didn't work out.
I eventually DID catch up on your blogs... but I'm sorry if I didn't leave a comment, or if I did, I'm sorry if it didn't make much sense....
Things are getting a little better... she's not waking up every hour now... and this past weekend, Jerk Face got up with her (Every time on Saturday!!!).

I think I know why she kept waking up. I think she kept rolling over in her sleep and onto her tummy... which is not acceptable, so she would sleepily sit up and start crying... because she couldn't sleep very well sitting up.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Six Years Ago...

....Jerk Face and I said 'I do'

It's been six years.  Six years?
My goodness.

June 4, 2005

We are officially closer to 10 years... and therefore closer to 20 years.. which is almost 40...  And then 75?  and then I guess death. My, what a rosy outlook. That's what living with Jerk Face does to a girl... 

We released butterflies at our wedding... A few weeks prior to our wedding, Jerk Face had went to Las Vegas with a group of his Marine buddies and lost $500 in less than hour : "Wesley Snipes says 'Bet on black!'"   Wesley Snipes was wrong. And because Wesley Snipes was wrong or because my future husband was an idiot?, we couldn't afford Monarch butterflies.. so I was forced to get their ugly step-sisters: The Painted Ladies.
...Maybe THIS is where 'Jerk Face' originates from?

Ugly Painted Lady on my dress

My cake.
I hated my cake.  HATED.
I brought a picture to the cake lady of exactly what I wanted.
Now, to be fair, we went to her house... she was probably in her mid to late 60's.. and will probably never be on Cake Wars or something like that... but! The fact remains that I gave her a picture of what I wanted and she said she could do it....
I wanted something like:
 or maybe even...
or perhaps...

but my cake? I'm too embarrassed to post a picture!

but I will.

for you,
my dear readers.
 are you ready?
I'm not...
but here goes nothing....

What in the heck?!
I know... the differences are subtle.
You MAY need to go back to the above cake pictures to see that they are in fact *NOT* the same...
I remember my Mom saying to me that "nobody knows what it was supposed to look like.. and it's really not that bad..."  
My Mother lied to me on my wedding day.
It did, however, taste really good... so there's that...
I'm thinking about how ugly this cake is...
I think I had cake in my ear and up my nose for the rest of the night.
(P.S. Jerk Face just told me that I looked good wearing the cake...
 yep, the romance is still alive...)

and now for some photos of the day:
My wedding party
On the party bus

I don't know who's motorcycle this was....

and we arrived!  
(an hour late)

The snack table
*My in-laws made the window things 
and my family made the pillars*
My brothers and sister letting Jerk Face in on the
"Cheers it Bitch" photo
Our last dance of the evening

Happy Anniversary Jerk Face!

"Love is like a dream. Marriage is the alarm clock."

*some of the pictures are pictures of pictures...
and it's not the greatest quality...
*cake pictures from here and here

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