Monday, April 4, 2011

Hoots and Tweets

With LB's 1st birthday a mere 3 months (and 12 days) away... CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?! I'm down to two themes.  The first one is:
 :)  They're a hoot! (and I'm a dork)  *And my friend, Steph from  House for Two -I love her blog! You should check it out!!! /she finds the cutest things like the owl gear on the side of my post from Amazon! 

I think they are Super Cute!!!    
Thanks Steph!!!

And for my second theme:
I call LB 'Tweets' sometimes, so I thought it would be appropriate...  And before you say anything, I know... owls are birds...  so I MAY incorporate them together...?  Who knows? Not me.. yet :)

I was also planning on making the cake with fondant frosting, but I don't think I will be doing that anymore either... I just can't see LB smashing the fondant cake and smearing it all over her face....    I came across the CUTEST owl fondant cake at Kara's Party Ideas   ... and I intended to do something similar, but I'm not so sure I can pull it off...

What do you think? Birds or Owls ... or both?


Steph said...

I vote for owls ;) Thank you for the shout out!! ♥ And Kara's party ideas for the night owl table is SO cute!

Lucy The Valiant said...

Owls sound pretty cute, and very original!

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