Thursday, April 14, 2011

Facebook and Fancy Free

As you may remember, I gave up the facebook for Lent. *sigh*  It wasn't AS hard as what I thought it would be... I do miss remarking on other people's stuff and getting into mini conversations (or even long ones) But all of the crap posts.. like the: "so and so just answered a question about you on this" or "Farmer Bob needs a hammer. Please send him a hammer." I know I can turn those off, and I do... they just keep coming out with more crap to flood my page! It is SO aNNOYING!

I don't think I will be on there very much after Lent is over with... I have blogs to stalk now! ...and that's way more fun and important! *smile*

SHOUT OUT: Thanks Steph  for opening my eyes to the wide world of blogging!
P.S. Everyone! When Steph reaches 25 followers, she's going to have a giveaway!! Stop on over.. She only needs one more follower!!!

**On a different note, I've noticed that some of you bloggers have a signature on the bottom of your posts... How do you do that??


Jessica Renee said...

Oh my gosh I have nooo idea how you did that, I am obsessed with Facebook! LOL. But go you!!

On my way to check out Steph's blog! :) I'm holding a giveaway right now too, check it out if you want!

Steph said...

Oh dang, thanks ma'am! I am over 25 followers. I will work on my giveaway post tomorrow. Thanks!! I love to blog stalk too. haha. It is the best!

Shell said...

Facebook, I can do w/o. Blogging? NEVER!! LOL

Here's a tutorial I used to add a signatur to mine- well, before I had someone do it for me. But, this works!

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