Saturday, April 2, 2011

Saturday Morning Scene

This is my first link up... I hope I do it right!!!  I found Katie at  Loves of Life and she does Saturday Morning Scene!

This is what my Saturday morning looks like:

 Jerk Face has to work. He is NOT happy about it.

Mojo, just chillaxin' as only a Minja can.

After being up from 1:30a-4a, thinking it was playtime,
LB is still sleeping... 
...kind of nice, but I think I should probably wake her up soon.

....and I'll give a snapshot of LB that I took a few mornings ago, just because I think she's cute :)

She's been doing this 'tight-lipped' thing and I find it cute

What does your morning look like?


LucieP said...

love the pic by jerk face!
your baby is sooo cute!!!
Hope ya'll have a fab Saturday!

Katie @ Loves of Life said...

Her eyes are beautiful! Glad you found my blog!

Smile Steady said...

Aww, she is SUCH a little sweetie!

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