Friday, April 1, 2011

Just Some Small Talk about our new bff

Jerk Face bought the new iPad yesterday... (just imagine my joy... ANOTHER gadget to have and to hold...)
I had to give him time to "geek out about it"... FYI:  He pre sold one when they first came out at Best Buy. After weeks of no shipments or calls (after he called, they told him that they would call him back..they didn't).. He went to the store. They had 3! I guess the Best Buys (in our area, anyways) aren't calling people anymore and if you call to see if any came in, they'll tell you no, even if they have some in!  ...What kind of business is this?!

I left him in the living room to become one with his inner geek when the following ensued:

Jerk Face:  KSK! Come out here quick!
KSK:  Thinking something is wrong hurries out to see... What's going on?!
Jerk Face: Looking at his new bff (the iPad, remember?) I want to do some face time!
KSK: standing there, watching JerkFace play with his new bff.
KSK: Jerk Face! ...Look at me!
Jerk Face: Looks up from his iPad. Just wait, I'm setting it up!
KSK: Points to his face and then to own. Face time, right here....
Jerk Face: Good one.

The next iPad interaction occurred as we were getting ready for bed:

KSK: Are you bringing your iPad to work tomorrow?
Jerk Face: Duh
KSK: If I were your boss, I would fire you.
Jerk Face: Why?
KSK: Because you'll be spending most of your time on that thing instead of working!
Jerk Face: Everyone uses their iPad at work...
KSK: If everyone jumped off a bridge, would you?
Jerk Face: Thinks for a bit.. No, because then I would HAVE to get promoted!
KSK: half smiles/rolls eyes
Jerk Face: Now... How do we get them to jump off of a bridge?!

1 comment:

Steph said...

oooh, tell him to DL Words with Friends on there. It is like Scramble! Then you can play Penny and I. It is a blast!! And free!

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