Saturday, April 16, 2011

Saturday Morning with LB

Saturday Morning Scene

Man! I can't believe it's already Saturday!
Time for my Saturday Morning Link up!

I caught LB playing her keyboard very seriously...
Maybe we should change her name to Beethoven!
*P.S. I say it 'BEETH oven' like in Bill & Ted!
..anything to bother Jerk Face!  :)
all of my mispronounced words will be a future post ;)

Eep! I've been spotted!

What kind of face is this??!

There's a smile!  :)

She's waving to all of you!  :)

*side note, we had to put the laundry basket in front of the keyboard, because she has started to pull herself up on it, and when it goes forward... so does she..!

What's Jerk Face up to, you ask?
Some yard work  :)  YAY!

Are you digging up my flowers?!?




It looks like they can be saved... I hope!
Omigoodness! I better go supervise! 

What does Your Saturday look like?


Joeylee said...

thank you for the comment. your daughter is to cute, love the smile!

Mrs. C said...

That smile is too much!! =) Is that a Luv u Zoo jumperoo in the background? We just bought one if it is! Happy Saturday Ya'll!

Katie @ Loves of Life said...

Her smile is 10 kinds of precious.

Steph said...

Hey now, Jerkface! No digging up the flowers!!! Oh my... LB makes my ovaries hurt. She is just THAT cute! I love the serious little look she made too. Awwwwwww.

the workaholic momma said...

Stopping by from SMS - your daughter is adorable!!! Looks like she is taking the keyboard seriously! Hope you guys had a great Saturday:)

Jennifer said...

What a cute!!

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