Friday, April 8, 2011

Laundry Room Delight

NO you perverts! It's not like that! I'm just delighted that my laundry room is finished being painted!
You may remember that I was loving Wednesday because my laundry room, closet... was disassembled to be repainted and I didn't have to do laundry...

Yes, it was a very vibrant blue. It was Jerk Face and my first time painting together... and it was a very close space... Jerk Face is like a bad doctor.. no patients (ba-da-Da! get it? No PATIENCE... PATIENTS...) *That's a line from Fort Minor... I'm a bit gangster :)    In my mind, I thought it would be all cute and fun, semi-newlyweds in our 1st home, painting.. very lifetime movie scenario, right?    WRONG! (except for maybe the abuse that ensued...)It was a very cramped little area, the overhead light made it so hot, I was getting dizzy.. Arguments were involved. There wasn't enough paint to properly paint the walls... And we kept accidentally painting the ceiling because we didn't use painters tape... (that stuff is for fools who can't stay inside the lines) with this very bright blue..  which appeared a LOT brighter than what we expected, but it was our laundry room, so we didn't care... and by the end of it all, Jerk Face gave up painting. 

Many rooms later, I decided to re-tackle the closet. I didn't use tape, because I'm better than that now and taping is for fools who can't stay inside the lines I didn't feel I needed to, I learned to cut in pretty straight. 

The light colored wall is called sea salt. It's the color we painted all of our hallways. The darker blue is called Cloudburst, I really like it and I'm thinking of repainting my front door that color. (Last summer I painted it a bluish green tealy weirdo color... Not as in love with it as I thought I would be... maybe if our outside trim was white?)
Now my Laundry closet just needs some cabinetry/shelving and new doors and it will be wunderbar!
*Yes, that is the yellow information tag still on top of the washer. I have this thing about not taking tags/labels off of things. I don't know why I leave them on... but it drives Jerk Face crazy, which seems like a good enough reason for now! *smiles* ..Sorry JerkFace! I love you!

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Steph said...

I like the name "Cloudburst". Pretty, pretty! Glad it is all done and behind you now.

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