Sunday, April 10, 2011

Full of LB

This post is mostly for family. We live (at the closest) an hour away from any family.. and we don't get to visit everyone as often as we would like. With LB growing so quickly and learning new things constantly, I thought that I would post a video of LB, for our family to view and enjoy...  In this video, LB has just learned to clap and has a new favorite game in Pat-a-cake!  We did this a few times prior, and she started to lose interest, and this was actually the last time she played along while we were recording her:

She claps her hands all.of.the.time! I was trying to put her to bed last night... 2 1/2 hours with many clapping sessions, LB finally drifted off to sleep! She's napping right now, and was sleep clapping for a little bit! *I SHOULD'VE gotten a video of that!

Today was our very first day at the park!!!  We went down the slide and played in the swing! We had so much fun!

We played in the grass

And LB even got dirty!

What a great way to spend a beautiful spring Sunday!

How did you spend your day?


Steph said...


Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

That is perfect. I love, love, love smiley swinging babies!

Another ?- If i follow you? Is is a given that I will find my inner homemaker? I am rather scared of her. I'd rather her stay lost FOREVER!

KSK said...

Sara - Thank you! She loved the swing! And there is certainly no guarantee that you'll find your inner homemaker on here... I haven't found mine yet :)

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