Friday, April 8, 2011

Just Some Small Talk about Vacuums

I was getting our vacuum out to sweep, when I saw:

UGH! I HATE when Jerk Face wraps the cord up like that!!!! I like it like the next picture shows because it just makes it easier to unravel.

So, the following is the actual conversation that occurred:

KSK: Jerk Face, why do you do this? It's so annoying to have to unwrap this!

Jerk Face: {very smug} Really?

KSK: Yes! I have to sit and unwind in a figure eight; if you wrap in a circle, it just goes faster!

Jerk Face: Serious? {Are you THAT dumb?}

KSK: {Getting annoyed at his tone} I'm just asking that you wrap it up normal. It just makes it easier for me to unravel... Not that big of a deal... a small change to make it a little nicer...

Jerk Face: {walks over to the vacuum}

KSK: Really?! {in disbelief}

Jerk Face: You know, all sweepers do that...

KSK: I'm going to call my mom. {and walks away}

Come on!!! How could I have gone ALL of these years (I'm almost 30) and NOT have known THAT!!??! We've even had this stupid sweeper for four years!!!  I do the majority of the sweeping, it's one of my favorite chores to do.. I even did it the most when I lived with my parents.. and I ... NEVER ... knew this!
I can't believe that I'm even sharing this with all of you! But, I thought that I need to put it out there just in case someone else in this universe is as dense as I am and doesn't know about the miracle of the moving hook!!!

Oy! This is MY blog and I starting to portray myself as the BIGGEST idiot!!!  (I'm not really THAT dumb... I just haven't figured some things out yet....)  Jerk Face better do something stupid soon, so I can post that and make us a little more even on the idiot scale! *smile*

Anyways! Happy Friday Everyone!  Check your sweepers and report back to me about the miraculous moving hook that apparently ALL SWEEPERS HAVE!!!  Did you all know about this? 

1 comment:

Steph said...

Ok, I totally didn't think to push it down at first. Doesn't it take longer to wrap back up though if he does it like that? haha. Nice to see ya today!!!! LB was too funny.

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