Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Pinteresting Birthday

I've decided to do a new link up this Wednesday!

I'll be honest. I wasn't a big fan of the Pinterest... but I decided to use it as a tool to help me 'pin' down my ideas for LB's 1st birthday party. It was really helpful!  I know in the past I said I was thinking about Owls and Birds... but I think I've decided to go elsewhere.. sort of.
I'm still keeping birds involved, because I call her 'Tweets'.. and I just am... 
But I have been in a Lemon mood lately.  Seriously! Anything that says 'lemon'? Gimme!
So... My new 'theme':

 Yellow Lemons... Blue Birds... and a Splash of Pink

Here are some inspirations:

cookies and cups

Tiffany Blue Handcrafted Teak Bird Cage (16-1/2") $37

Google Image Result for

Tissue Rosette Kissing Balls | The Idea Room

photo source

And I'm thinking yellow tutu (and a party hat, of course!) for the cake photos?  Here's LB in the purple tutu I made for her "photo shoot":

(click here to see more photos of my turd in a tutu)

What do you think?
Jerk Face thinks I'm being ridiculous... which could be true.
We're not that fancy.
And there will be a total of  about 16 people at my house that day...
..and none of them will really care about the decor...
Oh well. It's MY PARTY! ... ahem... uh.. er, LB's Party, and I'll do what I want!


Mrs. W. said...

I love planning parties, so I say go for it! :) Have fun with it - love the theme!

ruthiehart said...

cake pops are so in! I am definitely going to make those!

Jessica Renee said...

OMG I looove your ideas for the theme!

I'm not fancy either so I get what you mean but if you plan something like this, it will make your family feel so special! :)

Michelle said...

Party planning is fun! Love the lemonade cake!

A Little Bit of This & That

The Battershells said...

um...all of that is adorable and you should go for it!

i have an adorable giveaway going on over at my blog that you could win and use at the party!

Michelle said...

I love that birdcage!!! It's gorgeous!!

Thank you so much for linking up today!!!!!

Michelle @ The Vintage Apple

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