Sunday, February 27, 2011

...Next Top Model?

Our photo shoot was successful :)
While I was pregnant, we didn't know the gender of LB -
-so we called her Chimi (short for Chimichanga)-
a lady I used to work with made this blanket for us!

 ...and as promised, pictures of LB in her new tutu!

I love this picture! Jerk Face doesn't - but it's my blog, not his!
I win! 

The bow was an afterthought. It's the extra tulle strips that I tied to an elastic.
- I thought it turned out kind of cute -

Little Miss Diva!

On her rocking horse.
her belly's a little red from where JF was holding her
...we were nervous that she might fall off...

We took 88 pictures -- It's REALLY hard to only pick a few to post!!! I don't want to overwhelm anyone with her cuteness!  :)    ... but one more couldn't hurt!

..Is that a 'smize'?...

...and that's a wrap!

...Tyra - eat your heart out!


MrsSMS523 said...

It looks like she LOVES that tutu! Is some of the tulle sparkly or shimmery? Sparkle makes it even better!!!!!!

KSK said...

Yep :) one of my colors has a little sparkle -- you can't have a tutu without some pizazz!

jill patrick said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
JoJo said...

OMG so cute KSK!! Loved the Chimi comment! I miss you!

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