Monday, February 28, 2011

not just a picky eater....

oh my poor LB!  We've been feeding her oatmeal for over 2 months, and she seems to be able to handle that (she couldn't handle rice) -- so we've added in  other foods... squash (she LOVES it), sweet potatoes, avocados -- she can't handle them :(   about 2 weeks ago, she went anti oatmeal... so i introduced barley.  It makes her super gassy -- but we can fix that with the magic fart juice -- Gripe Water! natural and wonderful! It's made with ginger and fennel and some other stuff.... Seriously -- it's a miracle in a bottle!

She started rejecting the barley too!  I made some more squash for her yesterday, because I had one on hand, and she liked that one the best.  But she hasn't been napping well... and worse yet, she has been waking up at night  :(

I don't know what's going on...  I guess we're going to try apples next?
She's 7 1/2 months old, and I'm still feeding her 'stage 1' foods (for 4-6month olds)...  The doctor said I can start feeding her almost anything and everything (he even said ice cream!)

Today, she's on her 3rd "nap"... the first one lasted about 5 minutes, the next one was longer at 20 minutes - which is a regular nap for her when she's been sleeping well... and she just went to sleep now - - so I need to finish this post and get some things done!

Does anyone have any advice?
She usually goes to sleep between 9-10p and sleeps through until 8-9a... 
Last night (and the last 3 nights) she went to sleep as usual, but woke up around 3:30a--went back to sleep around 5a... and then was up again around 7/7:30a...  This makes for one tired mommy...

holy moley! She's awake already...  that was between 5 and 10 minutes :( least she's not a fuss butt!!!   :)

My proof :)

*OH!!! AND the Banshee came back today!!!  Just what I needed with this monster headache!!! :)

Happy Monday Everyone!


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