Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Aaahhh!  I am feeling quite zen :)  I've been doing yoga ...okay... I've only been to one class -- and it was last night.  But I took some classes years and years ...~and years!~ ago -- (okay -- I'm making myself sound older than am!  But it was probably 7 years ago though...)  -- so that must mean I'm an old pro, right?

Well, I went -- I wasn't going to buy a yoga mat, because I didn't want to spend money if I wasn't going to like it - or if there wasn't any space for a new person.....  and I was the ONLY one without a mat!  I also was the only one who wore socks...  If I get time, maybe I'll get a pedicure and go barefooted next week... I doubt it..but we'll see :)

LB also spit up a little bit on me RIGHT  before I left -- and I would've been late if I changed... So!  Here I am at this new yoga class... not using a real yoga mat.. I have one of the old black rubber mats--that is stinky and isn't long enough-- wearing my socks -- and not 'yoga pants', and I have spit up on my shirt.... Holy gees! Is that white cat fur on my 'stylish' gray sweat pants?!    I look like a homely, homeless person that just wandered into some yoga class to get warm or out of the rain or something.  :)   
Anywho! ~(remember The Rosie O'Donnell show? She always said 'Anywho')~  Getting past how I look (which was hard, since I was right in front of the giant wall mirror) -- I really enjoyed the class :)   It was basically stretching for an hour - - and it was quiet!  I didn't realize how peaceful it was until I got home....  and LB was starting to get her cranky on!

**LB woke up at 3a (boo) --but my neck wasn't sore!! -- which it has been for...  I don't remember how long...  :)     ...unfortunately, it was sore again this morning -- but that could be from the class--and may go away....  i hope! 

Namaste everyone!

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MrsSMS523 said...

Oooooh, I used to love yoga. If you ever need a yoga buddy, I'd love to go check it out!!

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