Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Jerk Face and I were shopping for some new toys for LB the other day.  We came across:
It is a record player that we both played with as a kid...  and it is labelled as "classic
Really?  Classic!?   

I've never really thought about age and aging before....  but this really makes me feel old!!!
(Actually, I think I'll use the term 'classic'... it's not as harsh!)

After I thought about it for a little bit...  Kids today probably have no idea what a record is... they will probably NEVER hear one...  and a dial phone?! Forget it!  I can imagine explaining to LB what that little 'tail' is coming from the phone!!! 

What makes you feel outdated?


Steph said...

Any time I see a tape, I feel old. Any new technology that comes out takes me a little bit longer to learn. It is crazy. I feel like my mother!

Meghan said...

Watching this video makes me feel old.

Also, when a song I liked when I was in junior high gets played on the oldies radio station it makes me cringe. U2 is not oldies.

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