Saturday, March 19, 2011

Jumping Bean

LB has a jumper that she just LOVES!!! **!Thanks BF Miss Chris!**  (and Jerk Face and I love that she loves it -- we can get some things done!)
The only thing that I'm not too keen on is:   it has this purple seahorse teether thing....  which LB LOVES to chew........ so she loves to eat it... and jump.....    Does this seem safe?
Am I just being a crazy mom?  She hasn't hurt herself on it ..yet...
The thought of cutting it off has ran through my mind...  but they wouldn't put it on there if it wasn't safe... would they?
She's been using it for a few months now and hasn't hurt herself ...(yet)
  ... So, I'll keep it attached  .. .. .. .. for now  :)

LB, jumping away in with said seahorse in her mouth.

Do you see the seahorse?
She's putting it in her mouth!

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