Friday, March 11, 2011

Girls Week

Jerk Face has been out of town this past week.  He went to warm and sunny Arizona...  and THAT's why he is 'Jerk Face', my friends!  ~*smile*~  He left wearing shorts for Pete's sake!   FYI: .  .  .It snowed in Ohio today.   .    .
Just to make my week just THAT much more special - - LB is either sick or teething..  Her nose is runny and she has had a MAJOR case of the Fussbutts since Wednesday.

But! Let me get to the good stuff!  :)
LB and I got to watch whatever we wanted (well... I did, anyways... LB doesn't know sign language yet-so she can't tell me what she wants to watch)
I got to eat some good old junk food!
I got to sleep sideways (That's weird, I know... but I like to sleep ACROSS the bed sometimes..a different point of view, perhaps?)
I saw my little brother as he was leaving for work!
We got to visit the in-laws and ate some really good food :)   **Jerk Face is jealous btw!
We visited LB's great grandparents as well!  It was nice seeing you guys! *Pizza and fruit was really good! I ate so much, I didn't need supper!!!
We visited with my sister and B-I-L--always fun!
***Have you guys ever watched My Big Redneck Baby?  It's on CMT.  There's also My Big Redneck Wedding and My Big Redneck Intervention!! HA! Seriously!
I would like to thank J&N for opening my eyes to the fabulous television programming that can be found on CMT :)

All in all, it was a good and busy week... LOTS of driving!  I didn't get some of the home projects finished that I wanted to... but that's okay--there will be more time for those.  I am just happy that Jerk Face will be home tonight!!!

That's all I have for now!  Have a wonderful weekend!  ***And don't forget to change your clocks!! We get to Spring Forward!  :)  It's coming!

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Steph said...

How long is he gone? We should do lunch or something... I am off on Wednesday.

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