Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Couch Potato

I LOVE to furniture shop! I'm not sure why...  If we could afford to buy new furniture for our house every year... I probably would.  I just like to change it up every now and then :)
But nonetheless, we have had the same furniture for 5 years... which really isn't THAT long... I know. However, it wasn't the greatest quality of furniture and it's been through three moves!

We're talking about the living room furniture today (Our bedroom suite is still in pretty good condition).  The couches are the typical couches that it seems EVERYONE has ... 

**We put the bunny in LB's boppy so Mojo doesn't lay in it... Instead, he lays on our couches.

What's wrong with our couches?  Glad you asked!

They sit REALLY low to the ground (*that's not how they were purchased!)--And when you sit down, you sink down low... so low, you might as well sit on the ground!
...And the back started falling off, with the nails showing (as pictured above). . . 
Staples are protruding out of the bottom... Not good for LB's scooting adventures!
Jerk Face doesn't like how the arms are so high... It doesn't make for easily accessible side tables....
Not to mention the massive amounts of baby spit up and minja fur on them!

...So, we've been perusing furniture stores for a while now... 
Never really serious...  but Saturday, it happened!
We went out.. I told Jerk Face that we might not find anything, but we can just look...
We went to Appliance Center.. (There was a couch there I REALLY liked about a year ago.. We just didn't like the price tag...  with a new baby on the way, and a non-de-clawed Minja -- who REALLY likes to scratch-- I couldn't see spending $4000+ on just a couch....) 
This time there was absolutely NOTHING!  A quick visit! We surprised ourselves by being in and out in less than 20 minutes!!!  So onward we go.. to an outlet store I like visiting.  They have cute stuff, and rotate their stock every few weeks...  a few months ago they had a super nice sleigh bed -(I called my sister-- because she loves them -- but they weren't in the market for a new bed)-- it was a shame to let it go...
Anyways, this time we walked in, and took about 15 steps in, just as Colette (pronounced COE-lette) approached us - - I saw it.  It was what I've been looking for, and can never seem to find!  A bluish sectional with the chaise on it's LEFT side!
We've also decided that we wanted two chairs flanking the fireplace.. but have never found the PERFECT chairs, I've looked in countless stores and online...  but as we walked around this store... BEHOLD:

The perfect chair!  I never planned on having two matching chairs... I wanted to go for a semi-eclectic look... but I love these chairs SO much, we got both of them!  I thought that if I don't like the way they look in the living room, they would look great in our bedroom :)

Now, we just need a new rug ... I think we need an 8x10 and some throw pillows to tie the couch and chairs together better...  and I imagine a small ottoman to sit between the chairs with a little serving tray on top...
Perhaps a new side table as well... nothing big and overwhelming.. I like the openess that we have going on now!

OH! ..And are they comfy?  You bet!
I almost forgot what a COMFORTABLE couch FELT LIKE!!!

!!!!I almost forgot to tell you about our old couches!!!!
I wanted to bring them to a goodwill store, but Jerk Face didn't want to...  He won the debate, mostly because I can't carry them myself!  So, we put them out on the curb...  Several hours later, Jerk Face was leaving to buy bulk item tags to stick on them...  He started his truck... then I heard him turn it off.  He came back inside....  They were gone!  Those magical junk fairies were out and about again!

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