Thursday, March 3, 2011

...Is it raining again?

Remember when I was excited about getting Canadian views?   ...and Jerk Face rained on my parade?

WELL!!!  I had a visitor from China!!! :)    Talk about GLOBAL!!!  :)

When I told Jerk Face about it...  
Get your umbrellas out folks!

He said they couldn't have been there for legitimate reasons--
and NOT to open any links they may have left in my comments (duh! *wink*)

Thanks Jerk Face!  Maybe someone in China heard about my *Fēngkuáng de miànbāo zhìzuò jìyì* - translation:-  mad bread making skills or something and wanted to check me out!  

Oh Sir! How you diminish my success....    *sigh*

Subject Change!  I added bloggy stuff to the side of my page - - I think it might be too much?  What do you think?   I'll be playing around with my page - so come back anytime and check it out!

On a wonderful note:  It's Thursday!! Get through today and the WEEKEND IS HERE!!!

1 comment:

MrsSMS523 said...

I like all the bloggy stuff. Looks good! And congrats on your China reader :)

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