Tuesday, March 15, 2011


My poor sweets!
Do you remember that I told you that LB was being extra fussy this past week? I wasn't sure if she was sick or teething... The symptoms of teething are:  'cold like symptoms'   ....How a useful!
She is not feeling well, but she'll STILL smile for the camera!
Well, by Sunday, I was pretty certain that it wasn't teething and that she was indeed sick.  Her nose was running nonstop, sneezing, coughing, she was tired all day - almost fell asleep in her eating chair!  And she was crying.. not just fussing anymore! She would only sleep when she was held.. Makes it a long night for mom! She was so congested! Jerk Face helped her by steaming up the bath room and hanging out in  there with her -- That really helped her! I felt like she could at least breath for a little while!
Monday morning, Jerk Face called the doctor and we got the only open appointment they had left! Thank Goodness!
Turns out, My Poor Tweets has RSV.  It's a very contagious respiratory virus. It can even cause pneumonia! ..but that's rare...
I was very happy with our Nurse Practitioner! Evangeline :)  She took her time with us and explained to me what RSV was -- -- -- because I'm a medical idiot! She prescribed a nebulizer to help her breathe.. We get to strap this mask to her face and have her breathe in medicine infused fog...  

It's not AS sad as it looks!  ..but it IS sad :(   

We had to take off the strap & hold it,
because she tries to eat it!

just checking it out 

Smiling for the camera :) 

I have to hold her still with this mask on for 10 minutes every 4 hours!  She doesn't mind it for a little while, I think she's fascinated by the smoke at first, but then she gets bored and want to put something in her mouth!!
Have you had to care for a sick baby? What did you do to try to help soothe baby?

She does really good, though... And I reward her with a girl scout cookie for me! :)  YAY! They came in!  I love the lemon cookies! Mmmm! 

What are your favorite GSCookies?  I think I will make that a new quiz -- It's on the sideline of my page! Take the time and vote!  :)


Steph said...

Poor little LB. :( Atleast she is still smilin'!

Jillion said...

How is poor LB doing now??? 10 minutes is a LONG time for a baby to hold still, without a mask on!

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