Thursday, March 17, 2011

Spring is in the Air

Doobie Doobie Do!
Remember those Bud Ice Penguins?

Don't get me wrong, I like winter... Jerk Face thinks I'm crazy...  I just love the Snowmen, Christmas, the start of a New Year, making cookies, my birthday in January, cozy blankets, hot cocoa, watching the snow fall as I'm baking ... .. .
I had a taste of Spring yesterday .. and now I got the fever!  

LB, Jerk Face and I went for a nice walk.. OUTSIDE!!  The sunshine did us all some good :)
LB was tossing her toys out of her stroller left and right... we almost lost 'Miss Daisy' --her favorite flower rattle! Jerk Face had to run back  - dodging dangerous suburban traffic - just to get it back.  I'm sure LB will be forever grateful! :)

~LB sick-o update:
**LB's still sick ..and so am I and so is Jerk Face... We're all a bunch of sick-os up in here! She gets the 'treatment' every 4 hours (when she's not sleeping)... I feel like I'm poisoning her or something! I hold this gas mask up to her face -much to her dismay- and I'm all like (in sinister movie vixen voice): 'breathe it in little girl... hahaha!' the smoke envelopes her! 
...confession...  Since I am now Down With The Sickness...  I try to inhale the excess smoke! hahahaha!  I'm sick... and not just with her virus!**

My Springtime Plans

  • Walk everyday outside... weather permissible of course! :)  I'm sick of the dreadmill... ugh!
  • Go through LB's clothes and pack up the things she can't fit into anymore.  
  • Finish re-painting my laundry room!!!
  • And a great many other things that I'm not going to post right now!  (under promise, over deliver... or just forget about it since I didn't publish it and you won't know if I did it or not!)
Have you caught the fever yet?  Do you have any springtime plans?

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