Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Living with a Banshee

I am living with a Banshee. Her name is LB. For the past two weeks (+) she has been screaming at the top of her lungs. 'It's a happy scream' as my mom said when we went to  Aztecas. Thankfully, LB was too busy checking everything out to get really loud!! (Like she did when we got back to my house and showed Grandma why I was getting really nervous!!!).
She had a previous bout with this squealing a few months ago - (it's weird to say that because a little more than a few months ago - she wasn't even here!!) - but she stopped her squeals when she learned to do zerberts (or raspberries). Now she just does both! It's quite funny :)  'aaaggghhhh - tthhhpppt!' ~smiles~
I've tried to record her doing this, but every time I get out the camcorder, she gets quiet and just stares at me... *bright idea* maybe I'll bust out the camcorder when I'm trying to watch a show! That's pretty good :) I just thought of that right now -- perhaps I'll try this new 'technique' tonight :)   If she continues to squeal, then I'll have it on video, if not ... then I can watch my show :)  Sometimes my genius even amazes me!

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