Friday, June 24, 2011

What The Friday?!

Jerk Face had this idea for a link up. WTF.  What The Friday. He's so clever...  So I thought I would try it out as another link up... Don't make fun of my picture... Okay, you can. I'm so professional -- I made it by using Paint. 
Go Ahead, be in awe of my mad skills!

What the Friday? 
 I caught LB eating Mojo food and playing in his water bowl! I guess if that's the only way she eats...    

What the Friday? 
 This neighbor boy (anywhere from the age of 17-22?) has mobile scootered up and down my CUL DE SAC street for about the billionth time today... smoking cigarettes.  Get a job.  
Maybe I'm just jealous.... I miss those days... (I never smoked cigarettes, but the I miss the carelessness...)

What the Friday?
I couldn't remember if I ate supper last night... 
I was hungry... so I ate a yogurt at 11:30p, when I should've been sleeping. 
*Did I mention the Jerk Face has been out of town? 
My brain is fried. Thankfully, he gets home today, and I get some down time!

What the Friday? 
I accidentally ordered two aprons instead of one... What?! I'm trying to up my housewifeyness! 
Anyways... This could mean good news for you...
Do I hear a giveaway coming?
I'm thinking if I get 40 GFC followers...
or if I get sick of having an apron laying around my house....
I will have my very 1st giveaway!

How would YOU like to link up with ME
 Just copy and paste my gorgeous 
(and OBVIOUSLY worked on for more than 5 seconds)
'wtf' picture to your blog. And link back to me.
And then link up here:::


Emmy said...

Sounds like a fun idea. And yes, by the end of the week there are usually a lot of WTF's.
I hate when Eric is out of town- makes me realize how desperately I need him around for my sanity :)

WhisperingWriter said...

I love this.

My brain is also fried so I know how that goes.

Shell said...

Oh, that wonderful 17-22 age range- with no responsibilities!

KM said...

Cute idea JF came up with. I need to remember this on Friday's to link up. My huns goes out of town a lot and I swear my brain leaves with him. Do you have Twitter?


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