Friday, December 9, 2011

what the friday?!

I'm Back
.:cue Eminem's "I'm Back" nanananananana music:.

I'm back and just in time for:

Me --  not doing blogging of any kind for a month?
what the friday?!

On Monday, I was putting Christmas wreaths up in our new windows, when the bottom one wouldn't stop falling down. 
(P.S. we have double hung, and I had them pulled in, so I could hang the wreath on the top one.)
And the bottom half of my window popped out of the frame.
The pin things broke and there's a part that slides up and down - and it was jammed in there diagonally.
I wish I took a photo, as my description is .... terrible.
I explained it to the Champion people over the phone.
{and the repair guy said that it was written like I had broken glass.. nope!  Just my expert descriptions!}
They sent someone out on Wednesday.
All day Monday, all day Tuesday and until 9:10 am on Wednesday, my window has been broken and hanging wide open.
In frigid temperatures.
Good thing it was on the 2nd story, so no robbers could get in!
what the friday?!
The bright side?
I have my wreaths up. 

Thank goodness for warranties!
The repair guy could get the window back on, but I can't use it.
what the friday?!
 He said he's never seen anything like it.
*the fact that the slide thingy didn't pop all the way out*
He'll be back again someday.
(HA! Kind of like Frosty the Snowman)
{T'is the season!}

The guy was SUPER nice though.
He told me that while he was fixing the window..
my wreath fell off!
what the friday?!
The whole reason I am in this mess!
He told me that he thought about sacrificing himself to save the wreath.
I'm not sure why he didn't.


Jessica Renee said...

Welcome back!! Sorry to hear about your wreath (and the guy who didn't sacrifice himself for it! haha) but glad your window got fixed!

momnextdoor said...

Thank you very much for the drawing! The detail is stunning (and very helpful!)

Don't you love when you hear a repair guy say "Huh, I've never seen anything like it." Not a good sign!

What the Friday indeed! Have a good weekend and welcome back!

Emmy said...

That is bizare! And good thing he was nice otherwise not sacrificing himself for the wreath wouldn't be acceptable. :)

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