Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Pinteresting Things I've Done

I am always on Pinterest looking for new things to try (funny.. I remember, not that long ago, when I thought Pinterest was stupid....).  Usually, they just stay pinned to my boards, and I don't think about them again... but these are the things that I have done:

 ~Hasselback Potatoes~
Mine didn't turn out as pretty:
They taste like fancy french fries.
..I would make them again.. but with fancy burgers..

~Bacon Avocado Grilled Cheese~
We used bacon instead of pepperoni (Jerk Face's choice), 
(and no tomatos)
we found it to be a bit bland.
It's a good idea, and we're going to be trying out different versions, I think...

~Macaroni and Goat Cheese~
Made this last night.
Very rich.
..and needs salt..

.:and on to my crafty ways:.

~Burlap Basket~
I saw this, and kind of loved it right away.

I saw (on Pinterest) where a person used a basket at the bottom of the stairs to collect the things that are to go back up the stairs.
(For some reason, I didn't pin it... perhaps because I could remember to do that without pinning it?)
I put my basket to use right away:

That fabric flower?
Made it myself.
(picture me standing tall and proud - with a big ol' smile across my face!)
..I just hope I don't need that button in the future!

--I also lined the inside of the basket with the same material as the flower--

and, lest I forget:
the inspiration for LB's Halloween costume:
and LB's:

(not any kind of pregnancy announcement... it's just true.)

Have you done anything you found on the Pinterest?

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B. McGillicutty said...

That bacon avocado grilled cheese looks to die for. As does the Mac and Goat cheese.

I might have to try this pininterest thing if it'll give me new food combo ideas.

Meg O. said...

I love anything goat cheese! Those potatoes look yummy!

Sarah said...

Those recipes look delicious!!

Lucy The Valiant said...

No one can resist Pinterest for long!

Emmy said...

You go girl!!! How awesome! Love love that burlap box. Is that one of those from the diaper box? So need to make it. And the flower!! Ohh love it!! How did you do it? Do you have that pinned too?

My mom is going to be here soon so some major crafting going to be happening soon :)

WhisperingWriter said... I'm hungry....

Sarah E. said...

That is awesome. I need to get my craft on asap.

KM said...

Great post! I love the basket idea. That would make cute gifts! I too love Pinterest and pin like crazy at times, but then never make anything I pin unless its crafty items. You make me want to cook something that I have pinned now ;)

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