Sunday, November 13, 2011

Marshmallow Madness?

My Dad always told me:
"You're going to eat so many marshmallows, that you're going to turn into one!"

And I pictured turning into Marshmallow Man from The Ghostbusters.

Which would have been AWESOME!

But looking back on it now..
I know what he meant.

I also know that the 5 pound bag, yes. FIVE POUND BAG of marshmallows I got for Christmas one year... wasn't really meant to be awesome.
It was meant for me to get sick of them.
Which, after only about a handful or two left, I finally did.

and I haven't really eaten many marshmallows since...

...until recently...

I'm on some kind of kick.
And I can't shake it.

Those little puffs of delight.
Nostalgic and sweet.

I've gone through 2 bags in about a month...
..and they were the BIG bag of miniature marshmallows...
(I don't do the big ones, unless I'm desperate...)
I know I have an issue, and I need an intervention.

I got up from typing this twice already, to grab a handful of the pillowy morsels.
They're everything that's right in this world.

I put them in a hard(er) to open container to deter me.
It doesn't work.
I'm smart. I know how to get into it.

I think I really am going to turn into a marshmallow.
I'm the pastiest, whitest one in my family..
my HAIR is even starting to turn white...
and I'm starting to get fluffy.
I might start to take up sailing, just so I can get the proper garb. 

I feel like I've replaced the hole in my heart (and tummy), left from the Newman O's with marshmallows. 

and it's no good.
well. It IS good, and that's the problem.
I can fit more in my hand.. and they're squishy, so I can fit more in my mouth.
They're so light - it's almost like I'm eating sugar coated air.
And air has GOT to be healthy, right?


B. McGillicutty said...

I've been eating and preparing chocolate chip cookies like you wouldn't believe. Almost every single night I've had a couple of cookies and a bowl of vanilla ice cream to go with it.

I personally think I'm overeating because it's the proverbial double whammy of winter and all the winter holidays. Yeah, that's it.

TriGirl said...

Oh my, that container is no match for your brilliance! Sometimes being smart really sucks :)

Emmy said...

Maybe you should post that picture on the container- it might help. :)
I am the whitest of my family and going gray too!!

Jessica said...

I haven't had a marshmallow in so long. But I agree with Emmy, put the picture on the bag. That should help you stay away from them.

Shell said...

Hey, they're fat free. That makes it totally okay.

Helene said...

I've been like that with Snickers bars recently. I put them in the freezer and then gnaw on them after the kids are in bed.

Last time I checked air has no calories. So you're probably good.

momnextdoor said...

"Pillowy morsels" is the BEST description for marshmallows EVER!

I'm with you in their deliciousness! I don't keep them in the house because I would turn into the Marshmallow Man too!

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