Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Tuesday's With LB ~ Elmo Edition

LB has a new television friend. He resides on Sesame Street. You may know him as 'Elmo', but we affectionately refer to him as "Melmo" in this household.

On Saturday, Jerk Face and I were going to watch a play (Les Miserables -- very good!) and out to dinner. My mom and sister watched LB for us.  LB isn't away from us very often, and because of that I decided to buy her an Elmo that morning, so that my mom/sister could bust out if she missed me so much, that she wouldn't stop crying. (I'm sure Melmo would be an acceptable replacement for myself...).
{Side note: Jerk Face doesn't think this is a good way to tackle our leaving... and I don't really either - but I didn't want the night to be miserable for my mom and sister.}

As it turns out, LB was a peach for them, and they didn't have to use the tactic anyways.
The next morning, LB was all about 'Melmo'.. and so instead of waiting for Christmas (like I told Jerk Face we would do if mom/sister didn't use it), we gave it to her:

playing with her toys, when we told her that we had something for her.

...is that...?

I think so!!!!



Are you real?!

I can't believe this is happening!

He sings?

He sings!!!

This is wonderful!


You are amazing, Melmo!

I can't believe you're really here!!

I don't think I'm dreaming...

I just love my Melmo!

I'm okay with not waiting until Christmas...


Lucy The Valiant said...

Yay for Melmo! :) My girls would lose their minds!

momnextdoor said...

I love that we could use those pictures like a flip book! :-) Man she is LOVIN that Melmo! Good job Mom! I agree it was worth not waiting! :-)

Mrs. W. said...

She is so cute! Awwww, Elmo made her day. :)

Steph said...

Elmo is very dangerous. Especially when he bites!

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