Wednesday, November 9, 2011

What the Friday?!

{Just a reminder:}

..and now on with the show...

They're all over my house.
They are driving Mojo insane.
They are hors d'oeuvres for LB.
They are:

Asian Lady Beetle Bugs.
what the friday?!

I just don't get why they have to invade homes!
My mom told me that putting a dryer sheet in the window will keep them away.
Last year, my bedroom was swarming with them, and so I put one in the window.. I don't have any in my room... Guess I'll have to put one in every window...
Just when I thought my house was over it's high class and fancy ways...

Jerk Face came home with a cold last week.
I thought LB and I were going to successfully resist it.
unfortunately, LB fell to it's demise about Tuesday-ish, and now I'm getting it.
{just in time for the weekend}
what the friday?!
{the only good thing is that it is the weekend, and Jerk Face will be the one getting up with LB}
{however, she always seems to sleep pretty well on the weekends.}
what the friday?!
(is it wrong that I want Jerk Face to get a little dose of what I go through?)


Emmy said...

Never would of thought a dryer sheet would work but it sounds like it did- weird.

Hope your cold goes away quickly

Mrs. W. said...

Ugh, my H's bedroom in college got a ladybug weird. I hadn't heard of the dryer sheet trick!

Hope you're feeling better!

momnextdoor said...

I just had nightmare inducing flashbacks!! OMG I hate ladybugs! We lived in an apartment for two years that was beyond infested. Infested doesn't even COVER the extent of what we had going on! Ugh! I'm shuddering just thinking about it! The worst part was they used to dive-bomb my head when I was sleeping! Seriously! I would wake up with their carcasses littering my pillow! UGH!!!!!! Ok, I have to stop typing now because I'm getting too grossed out. I am so glad we don't live there anymore!

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