Friday, July 8, 2011

What The Friday?!

Ah! Friday, you never get here quick enough, and then you go too fast!
(What the Friday?)

Where to begin?
Ah... yes, of course.
Student Painters.  
What the Friday? For real.
They're nice enough kids. Very polite... I just hope they're not in school to become professional house painters.
Jerk Face did a nice thing, by 'giving them a chance,' because 'college kids need money'.... but really?
{Number One}
We were told that this would be about a three day job...
We're on day number five. (Not counting the holiday weekend, where they left our house looking sloppy..)
What the Friday?
{Number Two}
There are spots of paint all over our siding... We're not painting the siding. Only the trim.
What the Friday?
{Number Three}
8:00 A.M.
(at least they're on time)
The music is blaring!
(but they listen to good music... Classic Rock - for those of you who need to know what constitutes as 'good music')
*sorry neighbors!*

When will the madness end?

* ** *** ********** *** ** *

I left the other day to escape the painter boys. It's weird. They're in my windows. 
LB is fascinated and bangs on the windows to get their attention.
(Big Flirt!)
So. I needed to go out.
We went to Kohls.
(I had $40 kohl's cash and need to spend it.)
I get all the way to the store.
Unpack the stroller.
(I don't like using theirs.. LB can't lay back in them.)
Get everything ready to go in.. just short of unbuckling LB.
(Not to mention, I was in the parking lot for about 15 mins talking to my parents beforehand.)
And then I remember.
I bought something online the other day.
My wallet is on the couch.

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Steph said...

Oh noooo! Atleast you realized before you picked everything out. About a month ago, I did a big grocery shop (About $100) and I went to pay and realized my card was sitting on the kitchen counter... sucked! Oh and those painter kids better hurry up!

Mrs. W. said...

Oh, how frustrating! I've done that before, but at least I didn't have a kid with me to get all situated in and out of the car! How disappointing.

Lucy The Valiant said...

Ooohhh, I've done that too! So frustrating!

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

Luckily, i do this sort of thing (leave my wallet somewhere) on a weekly basis, so it is routine for me. HOwever, WTF is right.

Sarah said...

I feel your pain! Hopefully this Monday was better? Sorry I missed the link up! I'll have to check back this week.

Helene said...

Oh man, that has happened to me before too...very frustrating!!

Last time we hired students was when we moved 10 years ago. They helped us move alright...and then went on a shopping spree with my husband's credit card number. That was the last time we helped students in need!!

Emmy said...

Oh no! That is the worse! I did an entire grocery shopping trip only to get to the checkout to realize I had left my wallet at home.

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