Saturday, July 23, 2011

Saturday Morning Mess

Saturday Morning Scene

Ugh! I never cleaned up LB's toys last night...
So THIS is my Saturday morning scene:

(It's not like she wouldn't make the same disaster again today...)

*on another note*
I was also catching up with The Housewives....
Oh ladies!
You embarrass me so!
All of this (...can you actually call it singing?) singing...

The whole Melissa (NJ) 'wench' mess?!
(and clearly staged!)
"shh - shh! Listen to Mommy sing!"

The Classy Countess (NY) singing with Natalie Cole?
Just shoot me now!
I can't believe Natalie Cole let her sing with her!!!!
Speaking of NY...
Simon (nice pants?) too?!
*and why is he so mean this season?*

My goodness!

What does your Saturday look like?


Mommy R. said...

looks like my house! I watched my nephew the past couple of days so i had 3 little boys making a torando of toys all through the house...and it is still that way! haha!

Meg O. said...

I guess I have that scene to look forward to soon! LOL!

OMG, I seriously died inside when Melissa sang 'wench' in Amazing Grace. And the fact she is terrible.

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