Friday, July 22, 2011

What The Friday?!

LB's doctor's visit edition
LB's original appointment was for Wednesday @ 1p with Dr. G.
About 3 weeks ago, the receptionist, Kathy, called and needed to reschedule, because Dr. G. was going to be on vacation. (In a perfect world, they would KNOW that he's going on vacation, and wouldn't schedule appt's. when he's going to be out of the office...) Okay. She called my phone twice... the 1st time, I didn't answer... I was busy, and it slipped my mind to call her back.. So, she called back a week later (June 30th), and I answered the phone and immediately apologized for not calling her back... to which she replied back with something along the lines of: "Well, I was going to try one more time.."
And THEN what?!
(what the Friday?)
But! I let it go.. she must be having a tough day at work?
 LB's appointment is now scheduled for Tuesday @ 10am with Kelly.  Fine.
Now comes Monday.
I get a call from a strange number... 
I let it go to voicemail.
It's Kathy.
She's not calling to remind me of LB's appointment on Tuesday... they don't do that... which I think is crap.
Kathy's message was to reschedule LB's appointment AGAIN!
Jerk Face called her back. 
Apparently, they called his phone about a  week after they rescheduled the first time.  He didn't answer.
When they call my phone I (usually) answer. 
Jerk Face never answers. They're calling his work phone, and he's busy.
Yes. We should change it so they call MY number first...
Wouldn't you think that if you call one number, and there is no answer... you would call the other number you have on file... you know, the one that actually ANSWERS when you call?!
Kathy got a bit of a 'tude when talking to my husband.
He asked why we had to reschedule again, when we already rescheduled this appointment once before...
(saying a bit of a white lie, saying that we have to keep taking off of work to accommodate them)
*and FYI- they had to reschedule her 9 month appt. too. Why? Because Dr. G was on vacation...*
and Kathy didn't answer his question, only saying something like:
"We've been trying to get a hold of you for three weeks."
LIAR! It was only 2 weeks. AND! You didn't try very hard!
(that's me making a raspberry noise at her.)
So. LB's new appointment date was Wednesday @ 10a. with Evangaline.
I was prepared to have words with Kathy, if she said anything to me.
I checked in.
The receptionist lady seemed nice, and the other one was more of a 'Joe' and less of a 'Kathy'...
She must not of had to work today?
As we checked out with the 'Joe' receptionist, I overheard the seemingly nice receptionist on the phone...
She called herself:
I wanted to tell her that she much less of a b!tch in person.
I'm a lady. So I didn't.

I have other WTF's from this Dr.'s appointment, but this rant post has went on long enough!

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Emmy said...

Ugh! Sounds like your pediatrician likes to vacation more than work. That is so annoying.

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