Friday, September 30, 2011

What The Friday?!

It's Friday again!!
Not that I'm complaining, but this week FLEW by!

Of course, we all remember LB's drinking issues...
Really, LB?  
You look like you're three sheets to the wind.
what the friday?

I bought some exercise capri pant thingys a while back.
I threw the bag and receipt away.
(of course I did)
Only to get them out a few weeks later to wash them
(why I didn't wash them right away? I have no idea...)
And attached to the leg was:
what the friday?

*as a side note: I read the article from where I found this image, 
and it tells how he removed it. 

Jerk Face went to the Bungles Bengals game on Sunday.
what the friday?
He's a stinky Bengals fan?
Yes. Yes he is.
It's a sort of shame I hold in my heart.
(and out in public)

Anyways. He spent kind of a lot of money.
I do not want to put on here how much it was.
Just know that he does not have anything to show for it,
except some hazy memories of some strange guy with a gambling issue.
what the friday?
and gambling man has hazy memories of a jerk face with a drinking issue.
(just kidding!!  He was out having fun!)
* I'm adding his total to what I get to spend this next time I go shopping*
{evil laugh}


Emmy said...

Did you feel like a criminal having to google how to get e security thing off? ;). Makes you wonder how good their system is if you were able to leave with it on

Mrs. W. said...

Oh man, I hate getting home and finding one of those security tags still on my clothes. That sucks! As does losing a bunch of money on the Bengals, too, of course! :)

WhisperingWriter said...

I had one of those alarm things attached to a dress :/ And I also got rid of the receipt. I had to cut the thing off and left a hole in the dress...

Vapid Vixen said...

You turn your back for a SECOND and they're breaking into the liquor cabinet. Ugh babies. They're just the WORST!

Tonya the Hobo Girl said...

Kohl's did that to me on a shirt I bought. Luckily I noticed it a few days later and took it back to get it removed. I was a bit put out that they acted so nonchalant about it happens all the time.

Erin said...

Kitty is always grabbing our beer bottles...I can't blame her!

Shell said...

Oh that pic with the beer is hilarious!!!

Helene said...

First off, love the pic of your daughter with the beer! Would you believe my MIL let my kids each take a sip of her beer awhile ago thinking they'd hate it and they all LOVED it? Yeah, my kids are little alcoholics thanks to her.

We bought Bella the most beautiful dress for Easter a couple years ago and it wasn't until that morning that I realized that plastic thingie was still on the dress. When Tim tried to remove it, he ended up getting blue dye all over the dress. So she couldn't wear her dress. She STILL remembers it and obviously still harbors unresolved anger over it.

Man, where was Google then???

Anonymous said...

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