Sunday, September 25, 2011

Just Some Small Talk About The Mail...

I have a new laptop!!!
It's the MacBook Air.  Jerk Face is very excited, although it is MINE. Do you hear that, Jerk Face? Mine.
My previous laptop was one that I have had for about 3 years... Jerk Face stole ahem "borrowed" it from work. It was an old one that nobody used anymore.  It was a Dell, and served me well. (I'm a poet and didn't even know it) -- It ran pretty slow, liked to turn off and re-boot... and aways froze.  I'll miss the headaches.  Oh! And Jerk Face heard about this "awesome" new program that he loaded onto it.. Umbuto, or something. I hated it. I liked Windows.  The woes of being a computer nerd's wife..  ::long sigh::
But. Jerk Face is an Apple guy now.  *I recall us buying our 1st computer together 6 years ago, and he was anti-Mac.. how things have changed...
He got his first iPhone through work... which led to the iPad. Remember? Our BFF? Then he started online schooling, and we needed a new desktop computer (ours stopped working... he never even tried to fix it. Yes, Jerk Face, I'm telling the Blogosphere about it.) So, he bought a Mac.  And now? I have a MacBook.
My mousepad scroller thingy (I'm pretty sure that's the technical term..) is apparently awesome, because Jerk Face ALSO ordered a wireless one for his desktop. He tracked the package everyday, telling me where it shipped from, to, next...etc. etc. etc.
He was pretty sad when he found out that his special mousepad scroller thingy was going to be delivered by the USPS, instead of UPS.. or Fed Ex.. or whatever.

...the following is the actual instant messaging chat. Only the names have been changed -- to protect the idiots innocent. At the time, we still hadn't received any of the new computer stuff...

me:  So.. I was putting LB down for a nap, and I hear a large truck sounding vehicle stop at our house... at least that's what it sounded like....

I wasn't going to wake her up to go see who it was -- this was my 3rd attempt.

3rd nap attempt
time up there...

so about 15-30 mins have passed ... you lose all sense of time up there, you know...

and I come down to see if it was the computer.

I open the door,

there sits a box

   I hope this isn't the computer.

it's really small
   Jerk Face:  :)

   me:  i pick up the box

man, this is really light
what is it?


..addressed to...

me!  :)
it was the mou mou pig!
 Jerk Face:  ... You're an ass hole!
 me:  where's that bubble?
i gotsta pop it!
Maybe I am an asshole... but it sure was funny!  :)

*and because you are probably DYING to know what a 'mou mou pig' is; it's this Jelly Cat stuffed animal that LB loves. I wanted to buy a 2nd one because the original Ziggy Piggy (that's it's name... from Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure? Napoleon... when he eats all the ice cream?) was pretty dirty, and I didn't want to ruin it in the wash, and not have a back-up. **Jelly Cat stopped making them, and another website that I ordered from never sent one to me... they could've sent me an email, you think? I realized it wouldn't send when I got my credit card statement and the refunded my money... I was JUST about to send them a WTF email... 


TriGirl said...

I've had mine for a couple of years and i spend more time interacting with it than human is pretty wonderful.

"Only the names have been changed -- to protect the idiots" So funny!

Lucy The Valiant said...

Ziggy Piggy! AWESOME!

Mrs. W. said...

I'm jealous of your new MacBook Air! I have an older Macbook and would love to replace it but we're holding out for a Mac desktop sooner or later. Enjoy your new computer! :)

Shell said...

Oooh, on your new computer! I so want a mac. But, I don't think that's happening any time soon!

Emmy said...

Enjoy! We have a Mac but my husband wants a Macbook Air too-just to have one :) silly boy

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