Friday, September 23, 2011

What The Friday?!

It's Friday!!!
(which I didn't realize until a few minutes ago... what the friday?!)

I use a measuring cup to scoop out Cheerios for LB..
And last night, I was too lazy to put the Cheerios back in the container..
Instead, I just put the cup on the shelf.
This morning, when I went to get Cheerios..
I grabbed the container..
and the left over Cheerios flung all over my pantry!

what the friday?!


My parents were in Texas last week.
And my Dad told me that he had a What The Friday for me:
They were at the Golden Corral.
(and may I just say: Yuck, Parents! Yuck!)
My Dad went up to get some ice cream...
then he went to get some toppings for his ice cream
but he had to wait on an (unsupervised) child..
this child had filled his plate FULL of little candies that are meant for the ice cream!
He took all of them!
My poor father was unable to enjoy his ice cream to it's fullest potential!
what the friday?!

**fyi-- my parents actually thought this was pretty funny, and were not too terribly sad that they couldn't have any little candies for their ice cream!**


Steph said...

Quit slacking on your What the Friday posts, miss! It is practically Saturday!! ;)

TriGirl said...

I bet your parents were just happy they didn't have to spend time with that child after he ate all that candy!

Emmy said...

I must admit while Golden Coral isn't my favorite- I do enjoy it every once in a while. And I hope that kid gets sick- that is just wrong

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