Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Aren't Wednesday's Wonderful?

It's a wonderful Wednesday:
Have you seen this yet?


I have been so sad about my cookies...
My sister had checked for them in her grocery store...
My mom was out and about and looked for them.
(Thank you, by the way!)
...but they didn't find any anywhere...
.: so sad :.

Jerk Face and I went grocery shopping today...
I contemplated asking the customer service desk people what the heck is goin' on with my Peanut Butter Newman O's?!!!


They're baaack!!!
In a different spot... but they're back!
All is right with the world!

Have a GLORIOUS day!


TriGirl said...

They are so cute! He is so funny and i love how she responds to him :)

Helene said...

They were talking about this video today on GMA I think but I hadn't seen it until now. They are too cute!!!! I love how she just sits there and tolerates him singing songs and burping on camera. That's how I want to be when I'm 65 years old with Tim...but even now when he farts and then says "Hello" it makes me wanna smack him with a frying pan so I doubt that cute little old couple will ever be us.

Doesn't it make you SO sad when a store stops carrying your favorite product? A friend just informed that you can pretty much buy everything under the sun from!

Glad to see your cookies are back but just in case they disappear again...Amazon!!!!

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