Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Story Time

Once Upon A Time,
Dada Jerk Face thought it would be a nice idea to feed Baby LB breakfast.
Mama Wonderful thought it would be a nice idea too, as she got in a few more winks...

Dada Jerk Face changed Baby LB's dirty diaper that morning, and decided that she needed some prunes, as the diaper's contents were nothing to write home about.
(This is where the story gets crappy.)
Prunes were fed to Baby LB.
Lots of them.
Lots and lots of them.
An entire large container of pureed prunes was given to Baby LB.
And Baby LB loves prunes, so she ate them all up.

...And then Dada Jerk Face left for the rest of the day...

And Mama Wonderful was left to handle the wrath of this entirely too pruned up Baby LB.
Mama Wonderful had to change Baby LB's diaper multiple times.
Multiple meaning six.
That's half a dozen.
In less than 6 hours.
There was one time when Mama Wonderful changed Baby LB's dirty dipey, only to come back in the living room and find out that she dirtied it AGAIN!
Mama Wonderful needed bread, but was not going to go to the store with a pooping fountain.

Mama Wonderful sent Dada Jerk Face a very important text message.
A new house rule:
"You will NEVER AGAIN feed LB an entire thing of prunes and then leave. NEVER.
..and can you pick up some bread?"

The End.


Steph said...

OMG, Big trouble!!! He owes you some chocolate covered strawberries.

Amanda said...

LOL, sorry... that's mean of me to laugh, but I can only imagine. He owes you BIG time!

Vapid Vixen said...

He kinda did you a favor. At least now you have something to write home about.

Jessica Renee said...

Holy poop!! I would've been so mad at him forever! lol... But now I know what not to give my child too much of so just know you're helping someone else out! :p

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

Oh no! Prunes and LOTS of them? You poor mama! Plan a day out and plan revenge...

Emmy said...

Oh no! That would have been awful. I love your text

Helene said...

Oh no!!!! And then he left???

I think this calls for payback. Serious payback.

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