Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Monday's Musing

This was supposed to post Monday.. but something wasn't working properly... internet connection? Blogger?  Certainly it COULDN'T have been my new computer.... :(  I hope not, anyways....

Jerk Face came home with a new toy last week.
He claims it's for me....
What does he want???

He claimed our iPad was for "us"... and I still have only used it for maybe a combined time of three hours...

So, what does he mean when he says it's for ME?

It's a new fancy camera.
The kind where you fiddle with the aperture, shutter speed, etc.

He's been wanting one of these for quite some time now..
When he was stationed in Iraq, he would talk about getting one of these cameras.

..and 5 years later, with the 'attaboy' gift cards that his work gives out...
He bought a Canon Rebel.
..for me.

I suppose he bought it "for me", so he can justify buying me new lenses for Christmas...
Since I told him that  beads do not qualify as a good gift...

He DID give me the opportunity to use it first..
I started by reading the manual.
Meanwhile, he grabbed the camera and put it together, and started playing.

The best bonus about this camera?
We finally have some photos of me and LB!
{All of these shots were taken with the wrong light source selected}

One of my favorites:

I don't know why.. but this next photo always makes Jerk Face chuckle:

Me and LB are being HOODlums in this shot.
Jerk Face didn't get my classic gangster arm pose in the shot.

And here are a few favorite shots that I took:
{fyi-- LB likes to taste the wind.}

My awesome new computer has a cool editing tool.

And this is an artsy fartsy photo:
{This one I am submitting to The Paper Mama's photo challenge!}

The Paper Mama

My camera is a lot of fun.
Going through and deleting photos is not.
Apparently, that is my job since it's MY camera.


Lucy The Valiant said...

I love these pictures! But yes, that's like a man rule or something... all new electronic devices must be thoroughly explored by The Man first, regardless of who they really belong to! And no reading the instruction manual!

Steph said...

Have fun with your new camera... even if it is really Jerk Face's. The photos are great!

Meg O. said...

What an awesome surprise!! I LOVE my Canon Rebel. Great photos :)

Mrs. W. said...

Cute pics! It's my job to do all the deleting (and editing) too, even though he takes all the photos on "our" camera. :)

Emmy said...

Oh have fun!! It was my rebel that first led me to becoming a pro :). Love the shot you submitted- so cute! If you do get new lenses for Christmas and want recommendations just let me know :)

Vapid Vixen said...

My favorite is the one of LB sticking out her tongue. This post made me laugh. My Dad was a professional photographer and for Christmas one year bought my Mom the latest model of Canon's camera. She was touched.

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