Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Tuesday's With LB

A few weeks ago, we went to the botanical gardens in our area.

 We saw some ducks... I'm not sure who was more excited... Jerk Face or LB?

(and just because I think this is a neat shot:)

in the car, while Daddy is running in to get some milk:
 (a quick game of peek-a-boo)

Then we went our first family nature walk.
(this is pretty much the only LB picture we took there)

A few tidbits about LB:
On her 15 month appointment, she cried.
She is 32 inches long.
I forget how much she weighed... 
seriously, she cried almost the entire time we were there.
(and she didn't get her shot until the very end.)
The doctor said that 15 month olds really start experiencing stranger anxiety...
(and he said that she'll be okay when he backs away.. and then he backed up to the other side of the room.. and? She continued to cry.. HA!)

She clearly says :
--more like "momeeee"--
(not ma or mama anymore)
(not dada)
and she knows what a kitty says
*and what Mojo says*
along with:
pig, cow, elephant, zebra, horsey (Those 3 say the same thing),
bunny, fish, mouse, birdie, anteater, walrus, sheep
(we're working on ducky and puppy)

She says "bobbeee"
Not sure why?
(but we call her 'Whitney' when she does it...)

She bows and says "thank you"
(hope to get video of that soon)

She started feeding her baby doll it's bottle.
She can put the coins in her piggy bank.
She's pretty good at putting the circle and square in their holes (with help).
She stacks the rings on that little yellow thing.
and usually WEARS them too..
*which reminds me.. She loves purses. She'll wear one and knee walk or hold my hand and walk around saying "bye! bye!" and blowing kisses.
She walks only when she has our fingers.. 
but sometimes forgets, and walks just fine without.
She has a new found love for shoes.
she never really liked wearing them in the past..

She stood up on her own tonight.
no help from people or furniture.
all on her own!

She knows where her:
head, hair, brain, ears, cheeks, nose, mouth, tongue, eyes, neck, belly and button, heart, feet, toes, hands are
(she's learning eyebrows)

She's just getting so big!
I love her! :)


Lucy The Valiant said...

Aww, she's amazing! And so cute!

(That leaf picture is kind of very awesome, btw)

Christina said...

She's so cute!

momnextdoor said...

Too cute! I love her outfit!

(And that leaf picture is AWESOME!)

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