Wednesday, October 19, 2011

This, That and Pinterest...

My backboard is gone.

It's true, you know?

You really don't know what you've got 'til it's gone.


Jerk Face helped the Officer remove the backboard, and proceeded to tell him that I'm out and about telling anyone who will listen about this romantic cop and what he's doing for his girlfriend.
(I guess that's true...)
Jerk Face told the cop that he needs to cool it with this kind of stuff.
To which the Officer replied:
It's Sweetest Day, did you get your wife anything?

And, ladies? No. No he didn't.
BAM! Jerk Face. Minus 20 points.
(Only 20, because I didn't get him anything either..)

And since I wiki-wiki- pe'd Sweetest Day, I know that some of you might not know what it is..
here's a link to educate yourself
P.S. "wiki-wiki-pe'd" is how the cool kids say 'wikipedia'. You have to do the record scratching motion along with it.  (fyi- I just made that up. I'm pretty amazing like that.)

I guess I got my new iPhone 4s for Sweetest Day.
I haven't got a new phone for about 6 years.
6 years!
I've been waiting patiently for the new iPhone.
not for the whole 6 years..
Let me just tell you, I love that Jerk Face is jealous of my phone.
I live for the times when I get the better gadget.
..this was a long wait..
He is most jealous of Siri.
Siri is a feature on the new version of the iPhone that is sort of like a concierge for your phone.
I didn't care too much about it, until I read this post, and realized just how awesome Siri is.
Jerk Face didn't even know!
I just started talking to and asking Siri questions:


Anyways.. I'll try to think of some more things...
Until then, let's get back to the backboard, shall we?

Since the cop was seizing our backboard, we had to find a new one to take it's place.
Jerk Face did the google search...
He wanted to check out Dick's Sporting Goods:

His sage advice to all of you:

"Never just type 'Dick's'..... 'Cause it's bad."

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Lucy The Valiant said...

Love that siri!!

Shell said...

Sweetest day? Um, no, I got nothing.

Punk husband.

I would have fun asking Siri goofy questions.

Mrs. W. said...

LOL! Oh, Siri. She cracks me up.

Helene said...

I can always count on you for a good laugh!

If it's any consolation, Tim didn't get me anything for Sweetest Day either. In fact, last year when I mentioned the holiday to him, he was all, "Uh, don't you have to be considered SWEET to celebrate that holiday?". I'm gonna start referring to him as Jerk Face II. Let Jerk Face I know he has followers. He'll be thrilled.

I still have the iPhone 3G but I'm dying for the new one. Tim...I mean, Jerk Face II, keeps saying I should wait for the next version to come out. Cheap ass. But in the meantime he had no problem upgrading HIS phone.

Siri sounds super cool. I bet my kids would have a blast asking it strange questions, like why do farts smell and how can I get rid of my siblings without any obvious traces. I could see Tim asking it "what are the chances of my wife saying yes to sex tonight?"

momnextdoor said...

The fact that the cop even KNEW there was such a thing as Sweetest Day is so swee...well, actually, it's making me start to question his manhood. Unless he has a SUPER emotional girlfriend that dots her "i" with hearts and wears glitter. Then, maybe he has an excuse.

And I had to laugh about your advice when searching for Dick's sporting goods. I made the same mistake!! Thankfully I wasn't using my work computer. That would have been BAD!

Emmy said...

Isn't Siri wonderful! I love just saying, remind me to do this when I get home. The other day I told her I was tired. She told me "put down the phone and take a nap, I will be here when you wake up."

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

OH! Our phones won't be here until THANKSGIVING, but I can't WAIT to play now!!!!!

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