Thursday, October 13, 2011

Thursday's Thoughts and Things

I've told you all that there are finally photos of *me* on our camera.
I'm pretty ecstatic about it. Jerk Face will soon be known for his candid shots.
He really has the "eye", you know?
He can make everyday occurrences into art fit for a museum.
What kind of museum, I'm not saying...

I would like to think that this post will be inspiring to all of you "wannabe" photographers out there... something to aspire to.
You must have big dreams of greatness, though...

So, without further ado, I will share some of the gems I found:

I'm a little appalled by these...

(butt, mainly because these aren't my 'good butt' jeans.)

A shot of me in my 'work attire':
I like to dress to the 9's... and my hair? In the "ee-ee" clip on top of my head? 

Now. You've probably heard of Annie Leibovitz or Anne Geddes?
But.. you may NOT have heard of Jerk Face, Photog Extraordinaire!
He is QUITE amazing.
To the untrained eye, the following photographs will probably look like pictures of stuffed animals.
But, you'd be wrong.
These are VERY artful photographs taken by Jerk Face, himself!
Look at the composition!
The juxtaposition!
{insert other artsy words: such as modernism, expressionism etc..}
So inspiring!

So regal! 



I'm not sure if Jerk Face intends on opening an art studio soon, 
but I support it.

**I do feel the need to say:**
 **The stuffed animal shots were from the 1st day he brought the camera home,**
**and he was practicing with all of the different settings.**


Jessica Renee said...

bahaha I love the stuffed animal shots best. If he's not in a museum, he at least needs to be selling prints on Etsy! :p

momnextdoor said...

Looks like someone needs to start his own photography blog! I wouldn't be surprised if he makes it to "Blogs of Note" within the first week!!

Emmy said...

When my husband has the camera I always find butt/boob shots of myself when he was supposed to be taking a picture of me but zoomed in a little extra

Steph said...


Vapid Vixen said...

The sarcasm, the wit, the snarky remarks...*insert any other what I consider compliments here*

This post made me laugh. :)

Joann Mannix said...

My husband who can be a very big jerkface with a camera takes the most hideous pictures of me, usually when I'm slack-jawed or have my eyes closed or both. And the funny thing is, the rest of his photos are phenomenal. I always complain that he is leaving a legacy to our children's children who will say after studying the photos, "I don't remember our grandmother being so unfortunate looking."

And my Jerkface will always answer with, "The camera only takes what it sees."

Not if the photographer is a HUGE Jerkface.

Your husband's pictures are breathtaking compared to my husband's.

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