Friday, October 21, 2011

What The Friday?!

Jerk Face and I share a credit card.
It has a credit limit of $2000.
The card was originally only mine, and the first credit card I ever had.
I never needed anything over $2000.

I use my credit card, and pay off the balance every billing.
It's just how I do.
(I mainly use it, because I get cash back... free money? Yes, please!)
(and of course, it's easier than carrying cash around all of the time.)

Since Jerk Face has started using it for business trips
(mo' money ..for  free!!)
I have tried to increase the spending limit.
But these effer's won't let me!

what the friday?!

I just don't get it!
We have good credit.
Always pay our bills on time.
Why can't they raise my credit limit??
Do any of you work at a credit card company?
Why won't you raise my limit???!


This past statement will have my new computer ("Macswell") and accessories, some gas charges (I drove more than usual last month), other little shopping trips.
Gees!! Stop being so nosy about my finances!
Basically, my card is maxed out.

My car is almost out of gas, but I had to make an hour trip to visit some family.
(I didn't HAVE to, but I needed to get out of the house..)
{Jerk Face has been out of town all week! He gets back today.. WooHoo!}
I have a second card that I can use, I just usually don't. It's a Disney card.. the points aren't worth it.
But, I needed gas, so I pulled it out..
Swiped it at the pump.
"card expired"

what the friday?!

I look at my card, sure enough... 2009.
Gees. I guess I DON'T use that card very much...
Luckily, I keep an emergency $20 in my car.
As I was grabbing it, I was wondering what should I do with LB?
Do I have to take her out of her cozy car seat and into the cold, so I can pay the cashier?
~will anyone know if I don't?~
I'm the only car at the station...
I was still contemplating, when a man's voice came up behind me.
A little too close there buddy.
I was the only car in the lot.
Abductor! Murderer!
..It was the gas station attendant..
what the friday?!
He's lucky I don't carry a weapon.
I think it's legal to have them in your cars in Ohio...
He told me that my card was expired...
"Yeah, I saw that.."
~it was flashing across the screen, doofus~
but I took this opportunity to hand him the $20 to prepay.
So I didn't have to get LB out after all.
Hmmm.. I wonder if he was going to try to confiscate my card?
Good thing I assailed him with my beauty and he forgot about it...

Seriously, do you have to take your kid out of the car when you go into pay?


Lucy The Valiant said...

Ohhh, I hate when they won't raise your limit! So frustrating!

And I don't know if you have to take your kids out to go pay at the gas station... because... (this is all kinds of pathetic) I always make my husband fill up my car for me!

momnextdoor said...

I don't think we should HAVE to take the kids out of the car when paying for gas inside. I've avoided this for the past five years so I don't have any experience (my husband has a separate card) but if faced with this I think I would have to play it by ear. If they have a gas window I would leave them in. If I had to actually go all the way inside, and if it wasn't snowing or raining like crazy, I would probably take them in.

Let me qualify that with saying the only reason I would take them in is to avoid the nasty glares of other people if they saw I left them in there. Otherwise, I'd have no problem leaving them in the car.

Emmy said...

Yea, depends how in you have to go to pay. If it is just one of those booths you go over to, I don't hesitate about leaving them- especially if I have Lucas with me- being older seems to make it more okay.

Mrs. Tuna said...

I have freaking scary credit limits. I don't know if I could pay it if it were maxed out. One has $25K and the other $16K. Especially since I got laid off from Giant Engineering firm.

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