Friday, July 1, 2011

What The Friday?!

Have you had little (or big) things that happen throughout the week that made you say "WTF"? Link up here to tell us about them!

On Sunday, I'm holding LB as she starts to fall asleep for a nap, when some lady in a blue tank top and longish curly (are they wet?!) hair, walks around the front of my house...! What the Friday?! She came up from the back of my house and walked REALLY close to my house.... I think she looked in my window and looked at me.... Again, What The Friday!?!

..And since my camera's memory stick is full, as well as my phone's memory... and I'm a picture hoarder and can't let them go....  I will use paint to give you the visual:

Jerk Face was out playing golf (Why is it that only the weird things happen when I'm home alone? --Mojo and LB are here.. but they're not talking about it... ---What the Friday?!)... He knows about the potential baby snatcher/murderer lady... and yet? Wants to play more than the 9 holes he planned on... What The Friday?

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Amanda said...

Love the picture you drew! And of course Jerk Face was away when your life was in peril. Sorry about not linking up today, I had already ranted about all my WTFs this week! Also, you don't need to bother with the whole giveaway thing, you can just send whatever it is to me and I'll blog about how excited I was to "win" :) Have a great weekend!

TriGirl said...

I wasn't there but that seems like an excellent rendition of the crazy lady. If she comes back you should call the cops on her. That's just creepy. WTF??

Emmy said...

Holy cow I would be freaking out!! Glad everything was okay. When Eric and I were first married he rarely if ever went out of town- but the one time he did there was a major incident with our upstairs neighbors and their toilet leaking through the floor into their apartment and then them taking a bat to our door.... so not fun.

Mrs. W. said...

Creepy! What was her deal?!

Lucy The Valiant said...

That is crazy. Who does that ??

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