Saturday, July 16, 2011

Saturday Morning Party Set-up

 Happy Saturday Everyone!
It's a little late to be posting my Saturday Morning Scene...
..but I was really busy..
It was LB's 1st birthday party today!!!
(or as I call it: Last Day Before Her First Birthday Party)
Without further ado:

Saturday Morning Scene

cake balls

lemonade cupcakes

lemon-y theme

rosette ball thing.. aka: PAIN IN THE BUTT

lemons and roses

bird cages and more rosettes

Happy One Day Before Your First Birthday Party Tweets!

(Thanks J&N for showing up early and helping me with the set-up!!!)

*more details and recipes in a future post*


Mrs. W. said...

Everything looks great! Happy birthday, little one!

Emmy said...

How adorable! Looks like you made some super cute things! I have never been able to successfully make those cake balls

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